Vacation Allowance Sample Clauses

Vacation Allowance. Employees in permanent positions are entitled to vacation with pay. Accrual is based upon straight time hours of working time per calendar month of service and begins on the date of appointment to a permanent position. Increased accruals begin on the first of the month following the month in which the employee qualifies. Accrual for portions of a month shall be in minimum amounts of one (1) hour calculated on the same basis as for partial month compensation pursuant to Section 5.6 of this MOU. Vacation credits may be taken in one (1) minute increments but may not be taken during the first six (6) months of employment (not necessarily synonymous with probationary status) except where sick leave has been exhausted; and none shall be allowed in excess of actual accrual at the time vacation is taken.
Vacation Allowance. An Officer who is regularly employed on a full-time basis shall be entitled to a vacation allowance for each calendar month based on his years of service in which the Officer is in paid status for eleven (11) days or more as set forth in the following schedule. An Officer regularly employed on a part-time assignment shall earn vacation in accordance with the schedule on a prorated basis: Annual Accrual Years of Service Monthly Accrual (full 12 months) First Service Year 1.000 days 12 days Second Service Year 1.167 days 14 days Third Service Year 1.167 days 14 days Fourth Service Year 1.333 days 16 days Fifth Service Year 1.333 days 16 days Sixth Service Year 1.500 days 18 days Seventh Service Year 1.500 days 18 days Eighth Service Year and thereafter 1.667 days 20 days The vacation allowance will be accrued as of the Officer’s Service Date of Employment, which is defined as the first (1st) day of the month following employment or the first (1st) day of the month of employment if the Officer began employment on the first work day. The vacation allowance will be credited to each eligible Officer every July 1 and the monthly factor thereby derived will remain in effect until the Officer’s Service Date of Employment when a changed monthly factor, if applicable, will be implemented for the Officer’s next service year.
Vacation Allowance. Vacation entitlement for those employees qualifying will be the number of days leave from work with pay as normally accrue in consecutive periods as described below.
Vacation Allowance. Vacations shall be earned and accrued on a monthly basis by regular monthly unit members as follows: Those appointed to this Unit on or after December 1, 1982:
Vacation Allowance. 8G.01 A vacation allowance of nine percent (9%) of gross earnings shall be paid to each worker. Payment of such vacation allowance shall be made weekly or in accordance with the Trade Appendix.
Vacation Allowance. Vacations shall be earned and accrued on a monthly basis by regular, monthly employees as follows:
Vacation Allowance. (a) Employees in their first year of Service, accrue vacation on paid straight time hours at the rate of 80 hours per year. Beginning in the year 2010, a regular employee shall be entitled to take vacation with pay accrued in accordance with the table in Subsection 8.2(b). (Amended 1-1-09 and 1-1-10)
Vacation Allowance. The Union and the Company agree that their mutual objective is to afford maximum opportunity to the employees to obtain their vacations and to attain maximum production. The vacation allowance due an employee shall be computed as provided in Section 5 above.
Vacation Allowance. Employees working in a position authorized for six (6) or more hours per day and twelve (12) months are eligible for vacation leave. Vacation is earned on a monthly basis. Employees may use any portion of the vacation days they will earn for the contract year during the contract year with supervisory approval of scheduling. Employees who terminate or resign employment shall be required to repay the value of any personal leave used but not yet earned. [a] New employees: After three (3) months service, an employee shall be eligible for the regular vacation allowance to be accrued from date of hire. Any employee who terminates prior to completion of three months service shall have no vacation entitlement.
Vacation Allowance. Paychecks for vacation allowance will be made available to employees in advance of the start of vacation, providing a request is made at least ten (10) working days prior to beginning of vacation. Paychecks for regular work days will not be made available for persons receiving advance payment for vacation allowance prior to regular paydays.