Specific Responsibilities Sample Clauses

Specific Responsibilities. Without limiting the responsibilities of the Manager, the Manager will:
Specific Responsibilities. The JSC will:
Specific Responsibilities. The Manager will, for each Fund:
Specific Responsibilities. In addition to its overall responsibility for overseeing the Collaboration, the JSC shall in particular (i) annually review and approve the Global Development Plan(s) if any, Manufacturing Plan(s), Global Commercialization Plan(s) and Country/Region Commercialization Plan(s); (ii) at least semi-annually review the efforts of the Parties in performing their respective Development and Commercialization activities under the then-effective Plans; (iii) attempt in good faith to resolve any disputes referred to it by any of the Committees and provide a single-point of communication for seeking consensus regarding key global strategy and Plan issues; (iv) establish sub-committees of the JSC, as the JSC deems appropriate and (v) consider and act upon such other matters as are specifically assigned to the JSC under this Agreement or otherwise agreed by the Parties.
Specific Responsibilities. The JDC shall meet monthly in person or by phone for the purpose of facilitating the transition of Development of the Product from Lightlake to Adapt. At least seven (7) days prior to each meeting, each Party shall circulate an agenda of items that such Party wishes to cover in such meeting. In particular, the JDC shall:
Specific Responsibilities. The JCC shall develop the strategies for and oversee the Commercialization of the Co-Promotion Products in the Co-Promotion Territory. In particular, the JCC shall:
Specific Responsibilities. The JDC shall develop the strategies for and oversee the Development of the Licensed Compounds or Licensed Products in the Territory, and shall serve as a forum for the coordination of Development activities for the Licensed Compounds or Licensed Products for the Territory. In particular, the JDC shall: