Upon Request Sample Clauses

Upon Request. At any time that the Company may request, during or after the Employment Period, the Employee shall deliver to the Company all Confidential Information and other information and property affecting or relating to the business of the Company within Employee’s possession, custody or control, regardless of form or format. Both during and after the Employment Period, the Company shall have the right of reasonable access to review, inspect, copy, and/or confiscate any Confidential Information within the Employee’s possession, custody or control.
Upon Request. Each of the Borrower and Holdings will, and will cause each Subsidiary to, from time to time upon the request of the Administrative Agent or the Required Lenders through the Administrative Agent, at the expense of the Loan Parties, execute, deliver and acknowledge all instruments, assignments, security agreements, financing statements or other documents and take all other actions as the Administrative Agent or such Required Lenders may in good faith deem necessary or appropriate to create, perfect, ensure the priority of, protect or (if an Event of Default is continuing at the time) lawfully enforce a Lien in favor of the Administrative Agent for the ratable benefit of the holders of the Obligations upon any property (whether now owned or hereafter acquired, whether tangible or intangible, whether real, personal or mixed, and wherever located) in which Holdings or the Borrower or any Subsidiary has or may have any interest, except (i) Excluded Assets, (ii) Miscellaneous Unpledged Assets, and (iii) assets of any Borrower Subsidiary that (A) is a Partially-Owned Subsidiary acquired in a Permitted Acquisition, (B) has not Guaranteed any other Indebtedness of any member of the Holdings Group and is not required to Guarantee any such Indebtedness under any indenture or agreement governing such Indebtedness, and (C) has no Indebtedness outstanding to, and has not received the proceeds of any Investment from, any member of the Holdings Group.
Upon Request. The Long-form Notice shall also be sent via electronic mail or U.S. mail to Settlement Class Members who so request.
Upon Request the board shall provide to the Union:
Upon Request an employee shall be granted a further leave of absence without pay but without loss of seniority or other benefits for the purpose of making bereavement arrangements and/or attending the funeral of the employee’s current spouse, mother, father, parent, guardian, current mother-in-law, current father-in-law, child, brother or sister, of up to five (5) consecutive calendar days and may be granted up to an additional five (5) consecutive calendar days at the sole discretion of the employer.
Upon Request. Kaltura shall make available to Licensee the list of applicable sub-processors, which list may be updated from time to time. Licensee may submit such a request via email to DPO@kaltura.com.
Upon Request. Tenant shall furnish to Landlord no later than ---------- the date when any Imposition would become delinquent, official receipts of the appropriate taxing authority or other evidence satisfactory to Landlord or such Fee Mortgagee, evidencing the payment thereof.