COUNTY’S RESPONSIBILITIES. A. A County program liaison will monitor the submission of all correspondence required in this Agreement, including, but not limited to:
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COUNTY’S RESPONSIBILITIES. 7.1 The County shall furnish to the Consultant, as required for performance of the Consultant’s basic services, all available data prepared by or the result of the services of others, including without limitation (as may be appropriate): building plans and related drawings, core borings, probings, and subsurface explorations, hydraulic surveys, laboratory tests, and inspections of samples, materials, and equipment, appropriate professional interpretations of all of the foregoing; environmental assessments and impact statements, appropriate professional interpretations of all of the foregoing; property boundary, easement, rights-of-way, topographic and utility surveys; property descriptions; zoning, deed, and other land use restrictions; and any other special data or consultations relating to this Project.
COUNTY’S RESPONSIBILITIES. County, acting through Probation, shall:
COUNTY’S RESPONSIBILITIES. 3.1 The COUNTY agrees to compensate CONTRACTOR as set forth in Section 5 below for labor and materials supplied in accordance with this CONTRACT.
COUNTY’S RESPONSIBILITIES. 1. Recorder agrees to provide Subscriber access to certain public information contained within computer files of Kandiyohi County as indicated below:
COUNTY’S RESPONSIBILITIES. 7.1 County shall assist Consultant by placing at Consultant’s disposal all information County has available pertinent to the Project including previous reports and any other data relative to design or construction of the Project.
COUNTY’S RESPONSIBILITIES. 1. County shall provide Probation staff whose duties will include evaluating sentenced defendants to determine suitability for the SEC Program. This evaluation process will include:
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COUNTY’S RESPONSIBILITIES. 5.1 The County shall direct its officers, agents and employees to render all reasonable assistance and provide available data to the Consultant in connection with its performance of the Work under this Agreement. The Consultant shall have the duty to make independent inquiry as to the correctness of such data. The County agrees to furnish to the Consultant copies of any previous reports, data and drawings, which may be available and are pertinent to the Work. All such data provided shall remain the property of the County and shall be returned to the County upon termination of this Agreement.
COUNTY’S RESPONSIBILITIES. County shall be responsible for ordinary maintenance of its solid waste facilities and repairs thereto necessitated by normal wear and tear. County shall not be responsible for damages or extraordinary wear to its facilities caused by Contractor’s active negligence or intentional misconduct. County shall construct, where necessary, fences, walls, paving or appurtenances as may be necessary for the collection, sorting and handling of all targeted recyclable materials, C&D and solid waste collected by Contractor. County shall provide snow removal and roadway sanding within its facilities as described below:
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