Promotional Materials Sample Clauses

Promotional Materials. In the event that the Fund or the Adviser makes available any promotional materials related to the Securities or the transactions contemplated hereby intended for use only by registered broker-dealers and registered representatives thereof by means of an Internet web site or similar electronic means, the Adviser will install and maintain, or will cause to be installed and maintained, pre-qualification and password-protection or similar procedures which are reasonably designed to effectively prohibit access to such promotional materials by persons other than registered broker-dealers and registered representatives thereof.
Promotional Materials. Contractor shall promote itself as an official foreign office of EFI in Japan. Contractor shall display signage in the reception area of its office promoting the presence and establishment of “Enterprise Florida, Inc. – Japan Office.” Advertisements and other promotional materials for any activity funded by this Agreement shall include prominent reference to EFI.
Promotional Materials. Each Party will submit to the other Party, for its prior written approval, which shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed, any Promotional Materials; provided, however, that after initial public announcement of the business relationship between the Parties in accordance with the approval and other requirements contained herein, either Party's subsequent factual reference in Promotional Materials to the existence of a business relationship between AOL and ICP, including, without limitation, the availability of the Licensed Content through the AOL Network, or use of screen shots relating to the distribution under this Agreement (so long as the AOL Network is clearly identified as the source of such screen shots) for promotional purposes shall not require the approval of the other Party. Once approved, the Promotional Materials may be used by a Party and its affiliates for the purpose of promoting the distribution of the Licensed Content through the AOL Network and reused for such purpose until such approval is withdrawn with reasonable prior notice. In the event such approval is withdrawn, existing inventories of Promotional Materials may be depleted.
Promotional Materials. District attribution must also be included on promotional items such as posters, flyers, banners and other types of signage which depict or refer to any particular GRANTEE equipment which was acquired or upgraded with DISTRICT Grant Funds in excess of $4,999.
Promotional Materials. Employee authorizes and consents to, during the term of Employee’s employment with the Company, the creation and/or use of Employee’s likeness as well as Employee’s name by the Company, and persons or organizations authorized by it, without reservation or limitation and without further consideration. Pursuant to this authorization and consent, the Company may, for example, use Employee’s likeness on its website, and publish and distribute advertising, sales, or other promotional literature containing a likeness of Employee in the course of performing Employee’s job duties. Employee also waives any cause of action for personal injury and/or property damage by virtue of the creation and use of such a likeness. Property rights to any likeness of Employee produced or prepared by the Company, or any person or organization authorized by it, shall vest in and remain with the Company. As used herein, “likeness” shall include a photograph, photographic reproduction, audio transmission, audio recording, video transmission and/or video recording, as well as any other similar medium.
Promotional Materials. Either party may include statements, and may use the other party's name and logos, in its website, commercial advertisements and promotional materials for the sole purpose of indicating that Customer is a user of the System.
Promotional Materials. All available advertising and promotional print materials relate to the Programs including: • Ad slicks, slides, press announcements, on-air promos and trailers (if available). • Color production stills with captions, texted and textless key art and poster art; captioned host/star/director head shots all in the highest resolution available on all of the following formats available: diskette and transparencies. K2024 • On diskette and hard copy Program logos, a synopsis and description of the Program (including the title and a brief description of the Program’s topic and content), a complete list of cast and credits, and biographies of key Program performers and host, if any. • Trailer and promotional spots in all digitized versions available in all formats created (if available).
Promotional Materials. You will adequately display promotional materials to inform the public that PIN-Debit Cards will be honored by you. All uses by you of decals, signs, printed and broadcast materials and other promotional materials must be in conformity with the requirements of the Debit Networks, Processor, and Member Bank. You will not at any time do, or cause to be done, any act or deed in any way impairing or intended to impair Processor or Member Bank’s exclusive right, title and interest in and to its respective protected marks.
Promotional Materials. The Trading Manager and the Trading Company will not distribute or supplement any promotional material relating to the Trading Advisor unless the Trading Advisor has approved reasonable prior notice of and a copy of such promotional material and has received such material in writing.
Promotional Materials. Company shall make available to Affiliate certain banner advertisements, button links, text links, and/or other graphic or textual material for display and use on the Affiliate website (the “Promotional Materials”). Affiliate shall display the Promotional Materials on Affiliate’s website prominently and as Affiliate sees fit, provided that the manner of display shall be subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Affiliate shall also include a link from the Promotional Materials to Company’s website, as specified by Company.