Keep and maintain Sample Clauses

Keep and maintain. (and require subsidiaries to keep and maintain) all of its property and assets in good order and repair and maintain fire, public liability and other insurance in coverages and amounts customary for Borrower's business or as Bank from time to time may require and deliver to Bank certificates of all such insurance in effect; and cause all such policies covering property given as security for the Credit Accommodation(s) to have loss payee endorsements in favor of Bank and not to be subject to cancellation unless thirty (30) days prior written notice thereof shall have been received by Bank.
Keep and maintain at Borrower's sole cost and expense, its assets insured against loss or damage by fire, theft, explosion, spoilage and all other hazards and risks ordinarily insured against by other owners or users of such properties in similar businesses in an amount at least equal to the insurable value of all such property. Borrower shall, at its cost and expense, maintain business interruption insurance and liability insurance in such amounts and with such deductibles as are acceptable to the Lender, the proceeds of which liability insurance shall be assigned to the Lender. All such policies of insurance shall be in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Lender. Borrower shall deliver to the Lender the original certificate of insurance evidencing each policy and evidence of payment of all premiums therefor. Such policies of insurance shall contain an endorsement, in form and substance satisfactory to the Lender, naming Lender as loss payee and additional insured, as its interests may appear. Such endorsement shall provide that such insurance company will give the Lender at least thirty (30) days prior written notice before any such policy or policies of insurance shall be altered in a manner adverse to Lender, which shall include, but not be limited to, decreases in the amount of coverage limits under such policies of insurance, increases in deductibles required to be paid under such policies of insurance, and elimination or other reduction of specific types of coverage provided under such policies of insurance, or cancelled and that no act or default of Borrower or any other Person shall affect the right of the Lender to recover under such policy or policies of insurance in case of loss or damage. Borrower hereby directs all insurers under such policies of liability insurance to pay all proceeds of insurance policies directly to the Lender and the Lender shall, in its reasonable discretion, either apply such proceeds against the Liabilities (in such order as Lender, in its sole discretion, may determine) or permit the Borrower to use such proceeds to restore or rebuild the damaged property; provided, however, any such insurance proceeds attributable to losses or damages in the amount of One Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars ($150,000) or less individually or up to Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars ($250,000) in the aggregate at any time shall be paid to the Borrower for application as Borrower shall determine in its reasonable discretion. Borrower irrevocabl...
Keep and maintain the Property in a good state of repair and condition and consistent with commercially reasonable practices;
Keep and maintain the Property and each portion thereof in compliance with, and not cause or permit the Property or any portion thereof to be in violation of, any Environmental Law.

Related to Keep and maintain

  • Establishment and Maintenance of Records GRANTEE shall maintain records, including but not limited to, books, financial records, supporting documents, statistical records, personnel, property, and all other pertinent records sufficient to reflect properly:

  • Operations and Maintenance Pursuant to Section 10.5 of this Agreement, Developer shall pay the reasonable expenses (including overheads) for the operation, maintenance, repair and replacement of Transmission Owner’s Attachment Facilities and incremental operating and maintenance expenses incurred in association with System Upgrade Facilities, if and to the extent provided for under Attachment S. For Transmission Owner’s Attachment Facilities, such expenses are calculated as follows:

  • Repairs and Maintenance Grantor agrees to keep and maintain, and to cause others to keep and maintain, the Collateral in good order, repair and condition at all times while this Agreement remains in effect. Grantor further agrees to pay when due all claims for work done on, or services rendered or material furnished in connection with the Collateral so that no lien or encumbrance may ever attach to or be filed against the Collateral.

  • RECORDS MANAGEMENT AND MAINTENANCE A. CONTRACTOR, its officers, agents, employees and subcontractors shall, throughout the term of this Agreement, prepare, maintain and manage records appropriate to the services provided and in accordance with this Agreement and all applicable requirements.

  • Operation and Maintenance 17.1 O&M obligations of the Concessionaire

  • USE AND MAINTENANCE (a) Lessee shall (i) use the Equipment solely in the conduct of its business, for the purpose for which the Equipment was designed, in a careful and proper manner and not discontinue use of the Equipment; (ii) operate, maintain, inspect, service, repair, overhaul and test the Equipment, and maintain all records, logs and other materials relating thereto, in accordance with (1) all maintenance and operating manuals or service agreements, whenever furnished or entered into, including any subsequent amendments, supplements, renewals or replacements thereof, issued by the manufacturer or service provider, (2) the requirements of all applicable insurance policies, (3) the Purchase Documents, so as to preserve all of Lessee's and Lessor's rights thereunder, including all rights to any warranties, indemnities or other rights or remedies, (4) Applicable Laws, and (5) consistent with the prudent practice of other similar companies in the same business as Lessee, but in any event, to no lesser standard than that employed by Lessee for comparable equipment owned or leased by it; (iii) not change the location of any Equipment as specified in the Equipment Schedule without the prior written consent of Lessor; (iv) not attach or incorporate the Equipment to or in any other item of equipment in such a manner that the Equipment may be deemed to have become an accession to or a part of such other item of equipment; (v) cause each principal item of the Equipment to be continually marked, in a plain and distinct manner, with the name of Lessor or its designee followed by the words "Owner and Lessor," or other appropriate words designated by Lessor on labels furnished by Lessor, and (vi) cause the Equipment to be kept and maintained in good operating condition and in the same condition as when delivered to Lessee hereunder, except for ordinary wear and tear resulting despite Lessee's full compliance with the terms hereof. With respect to Lessee's agreement in subclause (ii) above to maintain, inspect, service, repair, overhaul and test each item of Equipment in accordance with sub-subclauses (1), (3) and (5), Lessee shall undertake and be responsible for the foregoing in exchange for a credit to Lessee's rental obligations the amount of which has been calculated and agreed to by both Lessee and Lessor as fair and complete consideration for such undertaking and responsibility as it may now and hereafter exist (including the payment of all charges, fees, costs and expenses relating thereto), and accounted for in the amount of Basic Rent Lessee has agreed to pay for such item of Equipment by its execution and delivery of the Equipment Schedule relating thereto. In furtherance of the foregoing, Lessee acknowledges and agrees that (A) the credit provided for in the preceding sentence shall fully discharge Lessor for all purposes from performing or complying with any of the obligations specified in such sentence (to the extent Lessor would be deemed to have had any responsibility therefor), and (B) it shall also undertake, be responsible for and otherwise fully perform and comply with all of the obligations provided for herein that are not specified in the preceding sentence, and that it shall not be entitled to any credit or other compensation with respect thereto, nor shall Lessor have any responsibility to Lessee or any other person with respect to the performance or non-performance of, or compliance or non-compliance with, any of such obligations, or any other obligations not expressly assumed by it hereunder.

  • Records Maintenance The CONTRACTOR shall maintain books, records, documents, data and other evidence relating to this contract and performance of the services described herein, including but not limited to accounting procedures and practices that sufficiently and properly reflect all direct and indirect costs of any nature expended in the performance of this contract. CONTRACTOR shall retain such records for a period of six years following the date of final payment. At no additional cost, these records, including materials generated under the contract, shall be subject at all reasonable times to inspection, review or audit by the AGENCY, personnel duly authorized by the AGENCY, the Office of the State Auditor, and federal and state officials so authorized by law, regulation or agreement. If any litigation, claim or audit is started before the expiration of the six (6) year period, the records shall be retained until all litigation, claims, or audit findings involving the records have been resolved.

  • Duty to Maintain During the term of this Agreement, Consultant/Licensor shall use its best efforts to maintain in full force and effect U.S. federal registrations for the Consultant/Licensor Marks.

  • Repair and Maintenance Except in the case of damage to or destruction of the Leased Premises, the Building, the Outside Areas or the Property caused by an act of God or other peril, in which case the provisions of Article 10 shall control, the parties shall have the following obligations and responsibilities with respect to the repair and maintenance of the Leased Premises, the Building, the Outside Areas, and the Property.

  • Support and Maintenance 3.1. License fees paid for the Capacity Rental License include the support and maintenance services provided by ISB under the terms and conditions of Addendum 2 to this License Agreement.