Section 6.8 Sample Clauses

Section 6.8. 31 Individual overtime agreements will be executed between employees and their supervisors each year 32 and submitted to the Human Resources Division. In the assignment of overtime, the District agrees to 33 provide the employee with as much advance notice as practicable in the circumstances. Normally, 34 employees designated to work overtime on days outside their regular workweek will be advised of the 35 possibility no later than the preceding work day before the overtime commences.
Section 6.8. 8 After four (4) consecutive working days (or earlier at the request of the principal or supervisor),
Section 6.8. 28 Employees assigned to work a shift and assume the duties of a regular employee of a higher paid 29 classification shall receive compensation equal to that received by the employee of higher paid 30 classification if the assignment is for one (1) full work day. Otherwise, employees shall be paid the 31 substitute rate or their regular hourly rate, whichever is higher.
Section 6.8. 5 Shifts shall be established for bus drivers in relation to routes and driving times as follows: Actual 6 driving time, plus one hundred five (105) hours per year for vehicle cleaning, maintenance, safety 7 inspection, and student management; plus, eighteen (18) hours per year for drivers regularly assigned 8 diesel powered vehicles, plus thirty (30) hours per year for to and from loading and unloading zone to 9 and from bus garage; plus fifteen (15) hours per year for route variance; plus twelve (12) hours per 10 year for arrival time variance.
Section 6.8. 1. 6 Overtime will be paid as required by law. An employee may, at his/her option, select 7 compensatory time off in lieu of overtime compensation. Compensatory time, if selected, may 8 be accrued. Records shall be maintained and there must be a reasonable expectation that the 9 employee will be provided an opportunity to expend the accrued time. Compensatory time in 10 lieu of overtime as provide in this article shall be accrued at the rate of one and one-half (1½) 11 hours for each hour worked. Records will be maintained by the employee. Accrual and use of 12 comp time must be approved in writing by the supervisor and must be utilized by the end of the 13 current school year
Section 6.8. 43 Overnight trips will be compensated at the driver's base hourly rate for a minimum of eight (8) hours 44 per day and shall be compensated at overtime rates for all hours driven in excess of eight (8) hours per 45 day. Meals and lodging will be furnished by the District.
Section 6.8. When school is closed on a student day because of a snow day, but the District does not need 35 to make up such student school day, employees who have lost hours from their regular schedule on such 36 day(s) shall be given the opportunity to work make up, additional, non-overtime hours, as scheduled by the 37 District, including the possibility of working hours beyond eight (8) hours in a day or Saturday hours. 38
Section 6.8. 19 Food Service employees shall report to work at least one (1) working day prior to beginning of the 20 school year.
Section 6.8. 34 Employees requested to work an assignment regularly filled by a higher paid position will receive 35 compensation for the work performed in the higher paid position at the step level of the employee who 36 is requested to make the change. The adjusted compensation will commence beginning with the fourth 37 consecutive day of the assignment, and will be retroactive to and including the first day. In the event 38 that the assignment terminates before the commencement of the fourth consecutive day, the rate of pay 39 will remain at the lower position and step level of the employee who was requested to make the 40 change. 41
Section 6.8. 17 Employees shall receive a minimum of two (2) hours pay for each duty call, with the understanding that 18 employees may be required to perform duties for the entire two (2) hour period for which they are 19 compensated. Exceptions may be made by mutual agreement between the District and the Union.