The Funds Sample Clauses

The Funds. The term “Funds” refers collectively to the Top-Tier Funds and the Underlying Funds, each of which is an open-end management investment company registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940 (the “1940 Act”) or a separate series thereof.
The Funds. The Trust, on behalf of each Fund, on a Fund-by-Fund basis out of the assets of the particular Fund for which an expense relates, agrees to pay all of the following expenses incurred by such Fund: (i) interest and taxes (including, but not limited to, income, excise, transfer and withholding taxes); (ii) expenses of the Fund incurred with respect to the acquisition, holding, voting and/or disposition of portfolio securities and the execution of portfolio transactions, including brokerage commissions; (iii) expenses incurred in connection with any distribution plan adopted by the Trust in compliance with Rule 12b-1 under the 1940 Act, including distribution fees; (iv) the advisory fee payable to the Adviser hereunder; (v) litigation expenses (including fees and expenses of counsel retained by or on behalf of the Trust or any Fund) and any fees, costs or expenses payable by the Trust or any Fund pursuant to indemnification obligations to which the Trust or such Fund may be subject (pursuant to contract or otherwise); and (vi) any extraordinary expenses, including extraordinary transactional expenses, as determined by a majority of the Independent Trustees.
The Funds authorize the Manager to perform on behalf of the Funds, and the Manager agrees to perform, the legal services listed on Exhibit 3 hereto (the "Legal Services"), subject to the supervision of the Boards of Trustees. For purposes of clarity, it is recognized that such Legal Services are provided for the benefit of the Funds in conjunction with legal services separately provided to the Funds by counsel to the Funds, and nothing in this Agreement shall cause the Manager to be responsible for the fees and disbursements of counsel to the Funds. The Manager agrees that any Legal Services will, to the extent required by applicable law, be performed by persons admitted to practice in the appropriate jurisdiction and in a manner consistent with any applicable code of professional conduct. The list of Legal Services to be performed by the Manager may be revised from time to time by mutual agreement of the parties.
The Funds. There is no vesting under this Wholesaling Agreement of any compensation on the Funds. Payment of such compensation shall cease with termination of this Wholesaling Agreement.
The Funds. Each Fund party represents that it is free to enter into this Agreement and that by doing so it will not breach or otherwise impair any other agreement or understanding with any other person, corporation or other entity. Each Fund party further represents, warrants and covenants that:
The Funds. The list of sub-funds of the Company in the sub-section headed "THE FUNDS" in the section headed "SUMMARY" on page 11 of the Prospectus is hereby deleted and replaced with the following: "Global Short Fixed Income Fund Global Short Fixed Income II Fund Global Short-Term Investment Grade Fixed Income Fund Global Ultra Short Fixed Income Fund Global Core Fixed Income Fund Global Sustainability Fixed Income Fund Euro Inflation Linked Intermediate Duration Fixed Income Fund Sterling Inflation Linked Intermediate Duration Fixed Income Fund World Allocation 20/80 Fund World Allocation 40/60 Fund World Allocation 60/40 Fund World Allocation 80/20 Fund World Equity Fund Global Core Equity Fund Global Core Equity II Fund Global Value Fund Global Small Companies Fund Global Sustainability Core Equity Fund Global Targeted Value Fund European Core Equity Fund European Value Fund European Small Companies Fund Japan Core Equity Fund Pacific Basin Small Companies Fund U.S. Value Fund U.S. Small Companies Fund U.S. Small Companies II Fund U.S. Core Equity Fund Emerging Markets Value Fund Emerging Markets Value II Fund Emerging Markets Large Cap Core Equity Fund Emerging Markets Sustainability Core Equity Fund." 7 INVESTMENT OBJECTIVES AND POLICIES – EMERGING MARKETS SUSTAINABILITY CORE EQUITY FUND The following sub-section headed "EMERGING MARKETS SUSTAINABILITY CORE EQUITY FUND" is inserted immediately after the sub-section headed "EMERGING MARKETS LARGE CAP CORE EQUITY FUND" in the section entitled "INVESTMENT OBJECTIVES AND POLICIES" on page 61 of the Prospectus: "Investment Objective The investment objective of the Emerging Markets Sustainability Core Equity Fund (the “Fund”) is to seek long-term capital appreciation.
The Funds. The Host Organisation will invoice Snow Medical for the Funds in accordance with the Payment Schedule. The invoice must be in the form of a tax invoice.
The Funds. Each Fund assumes and shall pay or cause to be paid all of its other expenses (except for the expenses incurred by the Distributor) and its allocable share of Trust expenses, including, without limitation, interest charges, taxes, brokerage fees and commissions; expenses of issue, repurchase and redemption of shares; premiums of insurance for the Trust, its Trustees and officers and fidelity bond premiums; applicable fees, interest charges and expenses of third parties, including the fees paid to the Investment Adviser, administrator, custodian and accounting agent and transfer agent; fees of pricing, interest, dividend, credit and other reporting services; costs of memberships in trade associations; telecommunications expenses; funds transmission expenses; auditing, legal and compliance expenses; cost of forming the Trust and maintaining its existence; costs of preparing and printing the Trust's prospectuses, statements of additional information and shareholder reports and delivering them to existing shareholders; expenses of meetings of shareholders and proxy solicitations thereof, costs of maintaining books and accounts and preparing tax returns; costs of reproduction, stationery and supplies; fees and expenses of the independent Trustees; compensation of the Trust's officers and employees who are not employees of the Investment Adviser, and costs of other personnel (who may be employees of the Investment Adviser) performing services for the Trust; costs of Trustee board meetings; Securities and Exchange Commission registration fees and related expenses; and state or foreign securities laws registration fees and related expenses.
The Funds. Schedule 2 lists the Funds and, in the case of a Fund of the "series" type, the Series of such a Fund that have been made available as investment options for each class of Contracts. Each Fund listed on Schedule 2, as in effect at the time this Agreement is executed, has been established and a registration statement has been filed with the SEC. Additional Funds and Fund Series may be added to Schedule 2 from time to time in accordance with Section 2.2.3 of this Agreement. Nicholas-Applegate understands and agrees that with regard to the Funds, it must at all times maintain one (1) subadviser that is not Nicholas-Applegate or an Affiliate of Nicholas-Applegate.
The Funds. Contemporaneously with (i) the receipt by the Funds of the Cash Consideration and the Note Purchase Consideration and (ii) the receipt by the Funds of the certificates representing the Purchaser Common Stock Consideration and the Purchaser Convertible Preferred Stock Consideration, the Funds shall deliver to the Purchaser (x) certificates representing the Stock, duly endorsed for transfer to the Purchaser, or accompanied by stock powers duly executed in favor of the Purchaser, with all necessary transfer stamps attached thereto and cancelled and (y) the Notes duly endorsed for transfer to the Purchaser.