The Principal Sample Clauses

The Principal. The Principal is committed to implementing the Practice Guide and adhering to the principles contained in the Practice Guide.
The Principal. As of the date hereof, the principal amount of the Loan amounts to USD 465,350,458.
The Principal. The currency denomination of this loan facility shall be changed to Euro at a rate of USD/EUR 1.2263. The facility amount shall therefore be € 379,475,216.50
The Principal any natural or legal person with whom RRF has entered into an Agreement or with whom RRF intends to enter into an Agreement;
The Principal at its discretion may revoke any consent given under clause 3.1 of their contract.
The Principal or an authorised Associate of the Principal for the purposes of this clause 4.1(e), as notified to the Operator by the Principal in writing from time to time, is entitled, from time to time, to:
The Principal which expression shall include its successors and assigns.
The Principal. – terptree ltd