Section 9.6 Sample Clauses

Section 9.6. 43 The employee with the earliest seniority date shall have preference regarding promotions, assignment 44 to new or open jobs or positions and layoffs when ability and performance are equal with those 45 individuals junior to the employee. When determining ability and performance, objective criteria such 46 as the following will be considered: technical skill level, interpersonal and communication skill level, 47 customer service skill level, organizational and teamwork skill levels related to the position. Such skill 1 levels shall be determined by an assessment, interview results, annual performance evaluations, and
Section 9.6. 2 The employee with the earliest hire date shall have preferential rights regarding filling of open job 3 assignments, promotions, and layoffs when ability and performance are substantially equal with those 4 individuals junior to him/her. If the District determines that seniority rights should not govern because a 5 junior employee possesses ability and performance substantially greater than a senior employee or 6 employees, upon written request of the employee the District shall set forth in writing, to the employee or 7 senior employees and the Union President, its reasons why the senior employee or employees have been
Section 9.6. 35 Seniority rights shall be effective within the general job classifications are those set forth in Article 1, 36 Section 1.3. 37
Section 9.6. 37 Seniority rights shall be effective within the bargaining unit; except as provided in Section 9.9. of this 38 Article.
Section 9.6. 2 - Applicability The new evaluation system described in Sections 9.6 through 9.10 shall 44 replace the provisions of Sections 9.1 through 9.5 and apply to employees meeting the legal definition 45 of “classroom teachers,” specifically those nonsupervisory certificated staff who provide academically 46 focused instruction to students and hold one or more of the certificates identified in WAC 392-191A- 47 030. The term “classroom teacher” does not include Librarian, OT, PT, SLP, Psychologist, teachers on 48 special assignment (TOSA) and Counselors. Those bargaining unit members who do not meet this 1 definition will remain under the evaluation system defined in Sections 9.1 through 9.5 of the current 2 collective bargaining agreement. 3 4 Section 9.6.3 - Alternate Evaluator An employee believing he/she cannot receive an unbiased 5 evaluation from the designated administrator may request in writing to the Superintendent that an 6 alternate evaluator be appointed. The Superintendent shall evaluate the information provided by the 7 employee and make the decision. 8
Section 9.6. 17 Seniority rights shall be effective within the general job classification except as is outlined in Section