THE OBJECTIVES. 6.1 The Partners have agreed to work together and to perform their duties under this Agreement in order to achieve the following Objectives:
THE OBJECTIVES. 2.1 Each of the Members acknowledges that the purpose and objectives of Rail North consists of the following:
THE OBJECTIVES. WNI and TalkCity agree that their mutual goal is to work in partnership to integrate TalkCity's content (hereinafter called "TalkCity Content" and further described in Exhibit A) into the WebTV Network Service, such that both parties realize benefits from such presentation and utilization of TalkCity Content by WebTV Subscribers. It is agreed that by presenting TalkCity Content in a uniquely useful and appealing way to WNI's increasingly broad WebTV Subscriber base, that TalkCity will incur increased network traffic, presence and market appeal for its content and service offerings. It is further agreed that TalkCity Content will augment both the desirability and utility of the WebTV Network Service to its subscribers and further broaden the appeal of WebTV Product and WebTV Network Services. The parties, therefore, agree to the following terms, which support their mutual goals and agreements, though it is recognized that due to the newness of such endeavors and the evolving and increasingly competitive nature of the Internet that, in the enactment of this partnership, both parties will need to exert their reasonable commercial efforts in unanticipated ways to bring about the success of this Agreement, such as being prepared to engage in further discussion and negotiation of various emerging issues or unexpected conditions that need to be resolved between the parties as time passes and market assumptions are tested. BASIC TERMS OF AGREEMENT
THE OBJECTIVES. 4.1. Each of the Parties acknowledges that the purpose and objectives of the NERMU consist of the following:
THE OBJECTIVES a. To become a practical and proactive innovator in the Black Sea Region.
THE OBJECTIVES a. The Parties agree that this Agreement is intended to set forth their agreement only on the topic of the sharing and exchange of CEII between and among the Parties and the protection of CEII received by the Parties pursuant to this Agreement. This Agreement applies only to the sharing and exchange of data for the purposes of performing coordinated transmission planning in fulfillment of the Commission’s Order No. 1000 and/or NERC’s MOD-032 requirements, where the data that may be required to be shared or exchanged may contain or be itself deemed CEII (the “Objectives”).


  • Goals Goals define availability, performance and other objectives of Service provisioning and delivery. Goals do not include remedies and failure to meet any Service Goal does not entitle Customer to a Service credit.

  • Objectives The Parties conclude this Agreement, among others, for purposes of:

  • Agreement Objectives The parties agree that the objectives of the Agreement are to facilitate: