THE OBJECTIVES. WNI and TalkCity agree that their mutual goal is to work in partnership to integrate TalkCity's content (hereinafter called "TalkCity Content" and further described in Exhibit A) into the WebTV Network Service, such that both parties realize benefits from such presentation and utilization of TalkCity Content by WebTV Subscribers. It is agreed that by presenting TalkCity Content in a uniquely useful and appealing way to WNI's increasingly broad WebTV Subscriber base, that TalkCity will incur increased network traffic, presence and market appeal for its content and service offerings. It is further agreed that TalkCity Content will augment both the desirability and utility of the WebTV Network Service to its subscribers and further broaden the appeal of WebTV Product and WebTV Network Services. The parties, therefore, agree to the following terms, which support their mutual goals and agreements, though it is recognized that due to the newness of such endeavors and the evolving and increasingly competitive nature of the Internet that, in the enactment of this partnership, both parties will need to exert their reasonable commercial efforts in unanticipated ways to bring about the success of this Agreement, such as being prepared to engage in further discussion and negotiation of various emerging issues or unexpected conditions that need to be resolved between the parties as time passes and market assumptions are tested. BASIC TERMS OF AGREEMENT
THE OBJECTIVES. 2.1 Each of the Members acknowledges that the purpose and objectives of Rail North consists of the following:
THE OBJECTIVES. • To improve the Eco-system and their biodiversities in impacted zones.• To create alternative resources to natural resources.• To improve the socio-economic condition of the people and also to provide employment and increase income level of the local people.• To create awareness on conservation of wildlife among the local people.
THE OBJECTIVES. The aim of this report is not only to present the results of the single projects and summarise them, it also reflects on how the FP4 programme's objectives were fulfilled. These objectives were ". to improve energy security in the broadest sense - i.e. ensuring durable and reliableenergy services at affordable cost and conditions - and, recognising that the main concern today is the protection of the environment, to reduce the impact of the production and use of energy, in particular the emissions of CO2. Within this frame, JOULE-THERMIE also aims to contribute to the achievement of other important EU objectives such as strengthening the technological basis of the energy industry - with benefits for the economy, employment and export potential, improving social and economic cohesion and contributing to co-operation with third countries (in particular PECO and developing countries)."7In so doing, this report discusses the energy related results of the projects as well as the indirect impacts beyond the scope of technical results. 98 research and 14 demonstration projects in the RUE sector are screened against this background. 2 See figures in Table D-2.
THE OBJECTIVES. The primary reason for the Company seeking to list on the ASX is to access Australian capital markets to facilitate and accelerate growth of Scout’s business. Scout is at a stage in its development where it needs to access capital markets to achieve its next phase of growth and Scout does not believe that alternative funding options afford the same opportunities for Scout as listing on the ASX. Scout has validated demand for its products and services and shown that it can acquire customers cost effectively. More specifically, the Company aims to achieve the following objectives as it grows:
THE OBJECTIVES. The study aims to investigate the relation between the Islamic banks working in Jordan and the central bank of Jordan which is represented by the Following Points:
THE OBJECTIVES a. To become a practical and proactive innovator in the Black Sea Region.
THE OBJECTIVES. The project had 3 main objectives: