Related Activities Sample Clauses

Related Activities. 2. The Parties may execute this MOA in counterparts. Each executed counterpart shall have the same force and effect as an original instrument. Taken together, the executed counterparts shall constitute one and the same agreement.
Related Activities. The Backup Servicer shall not have any Liability for any Error or Continued Error by the Servicer, or for any error, inaccuracy or omission of the Servicer before the Backup Servicer assumes the Service-Related Activities.
Related Activities f Provide a brief description of the dashboard. If specified, this description appears as a popup when hovering over the dashboard name in the navigation panel. In the Help box, type the dashboard description. g Add a graphic as a background. Click beside Background Image and select a graphic file. h Indicate if you want to make this dashboard to have a portlet purpose, making it available for inclusion in other custom dashboards. Select or clear the check box Share this dashboard and allow it to be included in other custom dashboards. i Click Next. The Select Dashboard Layout page appears in the Create Dashboard wizard. 4 Select a desired dashboard layout and click Finish. The Create Dashboard wizard closes, and the Add View dialog box appears with the Add a Dashboard View Element page open.
Related Activities. Employees are encouraged to attend PTSA meetings, board meetings and other school activities not directly related to their job responsibilities. Employees can be required to attend two (2) activities, which are directly related to their instructional responsibilities per year. The building leadership team, in consultation with the staff, will determine the dates for the two (2) required activities at least one (1) month in advance of the required activity.
Related Activities. (a) Bravo hereby directs that each of the Rainbow Companies undertake technical, promotional, scheduling and other activities inherent in, incident to, or otherwise reasonably related to the Exhibition of Titles, including, without limitation, the promotion of Titles, the editing, cutting, changing, altering or modification of Titles, and the language in which the Titles are Exhibited (collectively as concerns Titles, the "Related Activities") concerning the Rainbow Services Exhibitions; provided, however, that each Rainbow Company shall effect such Related Activities to the extent Bravo is permitted to effect such Related Activities under the applicable Bravo License Agreements. Unless a shorter period is specified in the relevant Bravo License Agreement with respect to a Bravo Title, the Rainbow Companies shall advertise and promote its Exhibition of a Bravo Title only within the 30-day period prior to the start of its Exhibition Window with respect to such Bravo Title.
Related Activities. 27.1 The CONCESSIONAIRE may exploit RELATED ACTIVITIES, directly or through the conclusion of contracts with third parties, provided that previously authorized by the GRANTOR and provided that the intended commercial exploitation does not prejudice the standards of safety, quality and performance of SERVICES and is compatible with the legal and regulatory standards applicable to the CONTRACT.
Related Activities. In addition to the activities described in Sections 2.2(a) and 2.2(b), the Company may engage in activities related to the activities described in No. 2 of Article 2 of the Amended Articles.
Related Activities. The co-funded call as well as the additional calls will be supported by related activities aimed to add value to the funded projects, identify the research and innovation needs of industry and society to develop the Blue Bioeconomy further, avoiding duplication, while favouring synergies, with past and ongoing research projects. Such activities will include implementation and updating of the COFASP research projects database, networking and brokerage events, capacity building and training aspects, forward-looking activities such as foresight analysis and other exploratory activities. Specific actions will be focused to encourage and support the inclusion of HCB and learning activities into the proposals which will be submitted within the cofunded and additional calls. WP7 will contribute to further alignment of the European Research Area and will propose revised SRIA items to carry forward based on the activities and findings from BlueBio. Close collaboration with relevant Public-Private Partnerships will be sought. The proposed additional activities add value to the projects and to the value chain. They can be sorted to two groups of objectives: 1: Mapping (T7.1) and identifying new, and prioritising needs/gaps along the value chains (T7.4 and T7.5). 2: Add value to and support the projects and the value chains, such as connect related project (T7.2) and human capacity building (T7.3).
Related Activities. During the term hereof, Physician may, with the prior consent of Employer (which consent may be withheld by Employer in its reasonable discretion), participate in “Related Activities” (as hereinafter defined). Unless otherwise agreed by Employer and Physician, Physician may retain any fees, honoraria, royalties, or other compensation for Related Activities undertaken, performed or provided in whole or substantial part by Physician during the term hereof. “Related Activities” shall mean teaching, writing, research, consulting services, speaking engagements, medical director services, expert witness services, and medico- administrative services performed by Physician, other than those required to be performed under this Agreement.
Related Activities. Possible future proposal from the Mancos Rural Water District to convey non-project M&I (Municipal and Industrial) water through Mancos Project facilities; and possible future requests from other unnamed private water rights holders to convey non-project irrigation water through Mancos Project facilities.