Replaced with Sample Clauses

Replaced with. The Board also approved the following compensation package: You will receive a stock option grant of 300,000 unregistered options of common stock of the Company at an exercise price of $2.85 (which exercise price is not less than the closing price for the Company stock on the date of the Board approval of your appointment to the Board (January 4, 2010)), which options will vest 1/36 per month, over a three year period, with a term of a five (5) years, per the terms and conditions of the Company’s standard stock option agreement (which agreement includes accelerated (100%) vesting upon a Change in Control of the Company). In addition, you will receive a quarterly stock option grant, commencing with the Company’s fiscal fourth quarter ending February 28, 2011, equal to six-thousand (6,000) options per quarter in which you are a member of the Board on the last day of the quarter, which options (a) shall have an exercise price equal to the 10-day trading days before the last day of each fiscal quarter which the grant relates; and (b) shall have the same vesting period and term as described above. IN WITTNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Amendment to David Reese’s Membership to the Board of Directors of Augme Technologies, Inc. as of March 16, 2011. ACCEPTED BY: ACCEPTED BY: Name: Shelly Meyers Name: David Reese Title: Chairwoman Title: Director
Replaced with. 16.01 Each officer shall accumulate one (1) day (ten (10) hours for employees on a 10 hour work schedule, eight (8) hours for employees on an 8 hour work schedule) of sick leave for each calendar month or major portion thereof of service until a total of nine hundred and sixty (960) hours of sick leave has been accumulated. Upon authorization of the City Manager, an extension of sick leave up to the number of days an officer had accumulated when the officer first became sick, may be allowed. Any such extension will be debited against the officer's future sick leave accumulation. Sections 9.01 & 9.02 replaced with:

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  • Termination Cancellation Cancellation of orders once placed with or accepted by Seller can be made only with Seller’s consent. Should Buyer, due to good cause, desire to affect the cancellation of an accepted order, Seller will accept such cancellation on the following basis:

  • Termination and Withdrawal After the fifth anniversary of the effective date of this Agreement, this Agreement may be terminated by a unanimous vote of the Incorporating Parties or their successors or assigns. If the Incorporating Parties vote to terminate this Agreement, they will file with the Commission and the PSC an explanation of their action and a proposal for an alternate plan for the safe, reliable and efficient operation of the NYS Transmission System. Except as otherwise provided in this Section 3.02, any Party may withdraw from this Agreement upon ninety (90) days prior written notice to the ISO Board. In the case of an Investor-Owned Transmission Owner, no further approval by the Commission is needed for such withdrawal from the ISO Agreement, if such Investor-Owned Transmission Owner has on file with the Commission its own open access transmission tariff. Any modification to this Article shall provide any Party with the right to withdraw from the Agreement pursuant to the unmodified provisions of this Article, within ninety (90) days of the effective date of such modification. If the tax-exempt status of LIPA’s Tax Exempt Bonds are jeopardized by LIPA’s participation in the ISO, LIPA may withdraw from this Agreement upon thirty (30) days prior written notice to the ISO Board; however, LIPA shall provide earlier notice whenever and as soon as it is reasonably practicable to do so. Any such notice shall contain an explanation in reasonably sufficient detail of the grounds for withdrawal. To the extent reasonably requested by LIPA, the ISO shall treat this explanation as confidential consistent with the ISO’s confidentiality procedures.

  • Permitted Withdrawals From the Protected Account (a) The Master Servicer may from time to time make withdrawals from the Protected Account for the following purposes:

  • Effective Date; Termination; Cancellation and Suspension Section 5.01. This Agreement shall come into force and effect on the date upon which the Development Credit Agreement becomes effective.

  • Amendments; Termination Any provision of this Agreement may be amended or waived if, but only if, such amendment or waiver is in writing and is signed, in the case of an amendment, by each party to this Agreement or, in the case of a waiver, by the party against whom the waiver is to be effective. This Agreement shall terminate upon the earlier of (a) the Effective Time, (b) termination of the Merger Agreement in accordance with its terms or (c) if the HRB Board of Directors has delivered to its shareholders a Recommendation Change in accordance with the Merger Agreement, and upon any such termination all rights or obligations of the parties under this Agreement shall immediately terminate.

  • Termination Following a Change of Control (1) In the event that a "Change in Control" of the Company shall occur at any time during the Term hereof, the Executive shall have the right to terminate the Executive's employment under this Agreement upon thirty (30) days written notice given at any time within one year after the occurrence of such event, and such termination of the Executive's employment with the Company pursuant to this Section 6(g)(1), and, in any such event, such termination shall be deemed to be a Termination by the Company other than for Cause and the Executive shall be entitled to such Compensation and Benefits as set forth in Subsection 6(h) of this Agreement.

  • Termination Apart from a Change of Control If the Employee's employment with the Company terminates other than as a result of an Involuntary Termination within the twelve (12) months following a Change of Control, then the Employee shall not be entitled to receive severance or other benefits hereunder, but may be eligible for those benefits (if any) as may then be established under the Company's then existing severance and benefits plans and policies at the time of such termination.

  • Effective Date Term Termination and Disconnection 3.1 Effective Date This Agreement shall become effective upon execution by all Parties.

  • Combination The available modifications and combinations of Class M Notes to be exchanged for MAC Notes, and vice versa, shown in Appendix II. Commission: The United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

  • Termination Following a Change in Control In the event of a Change in Control, if the Executive’s employment is terminated by the Company or an Affiliate during the Post-Change Period, the Executive shall be entitled to the benefits provided by Section 8(c) unless such termination is the result of the occurrence of one or more of the following events: