Development Activities definition

Development Activities means any activity, including the discharge of dredged or fill material, which results directly in a more than de minimus change in the hydrologic regime, bottom contour, or the type, distribution or diversity of hydrophytic vegetation, or which impairs the flow, reach, or circulation of surface water within wetlands or other waters;
Development Activities means the activities performed by the Parties under the Development Plan pursuant to Article 3.

Examples of Development Activities in a sentence

  • Federal Resources for Non-Housing Community Development Activities PROGRAMa. Community Development Block Grant The City received $9,511,930 in Community Development Block Grant funding, plus program income of$2,267,214.

  • Registration of Continuous Professional Development Activities First time applicants must fill in Form A for the registration of continuous professional development activities and should attach the GP 47.

  • For the 2006-05 fiscal year, the City received approximately $7,526,281.Local Resources for Non-Housing Community Development Activities PROGRAMa. General Fund The City’s general fund provides job placement services to Oakland residents.

  • These systems are described in detail for each program under Section (II)(a)(2) State Workforce Development Activities.

  • Other Development Activities • FY 2021 planning projects –1- Regional Vanpool Study –VRT staff and the project team have reviewed the draft recommendations prepared by the consultant team, who is finalizing the report.

More Definitions of Development Activities

Development Activities means all operations and activities related to the development of the Assets, including the drilling of any Development Wells, recompletions, workovers and operations subsequent to a well reaching its objective depth on any Lease or other prospect held by the Owner or its subsidiaries and related proposals, activities and operations required to commence and sustain production from such well(s), including the design, fabrication or other acquisition, and installation, of a related development system.
Development Activities shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.2.
Development Activities means all construction and site preparation work that physically takes place on the Property involving structures or improvements of any kind, and all land disturbing activities including, but not limited to, digging, drilling, excavating, grading, clearing, earth moving, filling, or performing any subsurface work at the Site or an operable unit thereof. Development Activities do not include environmental investigations, planning, designing, or engineering work related to the Property or any physical activity performed off the Property in preparation for or related to construction or site preparation work that will occur on the Property.
Development Activities means all activities and undertakings necessary to design, engineer, procure and construct the LIL in accordance with the LIL Project Description, and to Commission the LIL, including obtaining Regulatory Approvals, environmental and performance testing, demobilization, all related project management services and activities, the products of such activities and undertakings, and the resolution of all Claims and disputes related thereto;
Development Activities means those Development activities undertaken by or on behalf of a Party or its Affiliates with respect to the Product in the Field.