Standard Operating Procedures definition

Standard Operating Procedures means the Contractors' standard operating procedures in accordance with which the Security Personnel will provide the Security Services as set out in Annex F (Standard Operating Procedures).
Standard Operating Procedures or “SOP” means the procedures as specified in the Annexes or Attachments to the relevant Schedules;
Standard Operating Procedures. (SOPs) means written instructions describing the steps in a specific process, including the materials and methods to be used and the expected end product;

Examples of Standard Operating Procedures in a sentence

  • Each school maintains a copy of the Standard Operating Procedures Manual for Schools (SOPM).

  • The City of Vaughan ensures the disinfection residual is maintained by using the Standard Operating Procedures (below): • 2340623- Flushing Dead end Watermain• 2340676- Sampling Booster Stations and Pressure Elevating StationIn 1997, the Maplewood Booster Station was built to serve pressure district 9 located at the south-east corner of Keele Street and Kirby Road.

  • Changes made this quarter to the Forever Earth website included minor updates to the “FAQs.” ACCOMPLISHMENTS FOR TASK 1 – YEAR 3• Forever Earth Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

  • All employees are subject to the Code of Ethics and Conduct together with its Standard Operating Procedures, exceptnon-executive directors to the board where declarations of outside interests are done as per the Companies Act requirements to the board on a routine basis.

  • Durability is maintained by having real time back up to ensure that data is maintained in the event of a system failure.The retention period and disposition of data for CAFS is in accordance with NARA standards and SBA Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) “Records Management Program: SOP 0041, latest rendition.

More Definitions of Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures means the standard operating procedures of the Borrower dated 22 May 2012 (as amended from time to time) providing procedures applicable to all externally-financed projects and programs;
Standard Operating Procedures means written procedures of Council which it may adopt from time to time including for example, scheduling of Council meetings, the process for establishing the agenda, the form of meeting papers, and the minutes of Council.
Standard Operating Procedures or "SOP's" means internal procedures for the management of a clinical trial designed to ensure that the trial is carried out in a consistent, controlled, and effective manner.
Standard Operating Procedures or “SOP(s)” means the standard operating procedures established by and mutually agreed upon by both Parties regarding the Manufacturing Process.
Standard Operating Procedures or “SOPs” means the standard operating procedures of CMC in place from time to time that define CMC’s methods of performing activities applicable to the Services.
Standard Operating Procedures means the written documented processes that describe the project’s regularly recurring operations to ensure that the operations are carried out correctly and consistently and in accordance with these rules.
Standard Operating Procedures or “SOPS” shall mean the standard operating procedures in effect at ENZON which have been approved by ENZON Quality Assurance department and which are applicable to the Processing; provided that all Standard Operating Procedures applicable to the Processing or the Product shall also be approved by SAVIENT.