For Teachers Sample Clauses

For Teachers. Teachers desiring personal leave will submit their application to the Superintendent or his/her designee. Teachers shall be given two (2) personal days without a reason. All applications must be made at least five (5) days prior to the absence (except in emergency). The Superintendent or his/her designee shall not be obligated to grant more than one (1) application during any one (1) day from any building, nor days immediately preceding or following school holidays (any week day, M-F, during which teachers are not scheduled to report for their assignment). Personal days shall not be deducted from sick leave. Permission will not be granted for personal leave for Association business. Teachers agree to exercise professional ethics in taking their personal days. Unused personal days will be transferred to the Teacher’s accumulated sick days at the end of each school year.
For Teachers employed prior to the 2003–2004 school year, the additional hours necessary to achieve the BA+20 must be earned within the past ten (10) years. Teachers placed on the schedule effective the fall of 2003 and thereafter, will not be governed by this provision.
For Teachers. The evaluation categories and performance indicators applicable to all certified teachers are contained in Appendix 2. These categories are designed to assist the staff member and the evaluator in defining the goals of teaching as well as to evaluate performance.
For Teachers. In consideration hereof teacher aides and technical associates will be allowed to leave on the last workday of each week after buses have removed students from the campus. Part-time teacher aides and technical associates will have a shorter day depending upon the needs of the School District. New teacher aides and technical associates to the District may be required to attend District orientations without compensation. During this orientation time, the Association will be given one-hour period of time within which to acquaint new teacher aides and technical associates with Association business. For attendance at in-service workshops and institutes, part-time teacher aides, and technical associates will be reimbursed for their time beyond their regular workday based upon their current salary. Each teacher aide will be entitled to a maximum of 2 professional days by drawing on the Teacher Professional Day Pool available, if a teacher wishes to donate his/her Professional Day(s) to a teacher aide.
For Teachers. At least two (2) formal observations shall be conducted to support each evaluation. One (1) observation shall be a formal holistic observation. One (1) observation shall be a formal focused observation.
For Teachers. 29 11.6.2 For Educational Staff Associates (ESA) 29 11.6.3 Evaluation Forms 32 11.7 Unsatisfactory Evaluations - Probation 32 11.7.1 Supervisor's Report 32 11.7.2 Establishment of Probationary Period 32 11.7.3 Evaluation During the Probationary Period - 33 11.7.4 Supervisor's Post-Probation Report 33 11.7.5 Action by the Superintendent 33 11.8 Professional Growth Model 34 11.8.1 Professional Growth Model Forms 35 APPENDICES 36 APPENDIX 1A: 2007-08 Base Salaries for Certificated Instructional Staff 37 APPENDIX 1B: Extracurricular Salary Schedule 38 APPENDIX 1C: Extra Duty Pay Schedule 38 APPENDIX 2: Teacher Evaluation Rubric 39 APPENDIX 3A: Summative Evaluation/Professional PlanTeachers 49 APPENDIX 3B: Summative Evaluation/Professional Plan—Support Personnel 51 APPENDIX 4A: Short Form 53 APPENDIX 4B: Professional Progress Report 54 APPENDIX 4C: Professional Growth Plan 56 APPENDIX 5: Health Benefit Plans 2009-10 57 APPENDIX 6: Grievance Presentation 58 LETTER OF AGREEMENT (2009-10 Calendar) 59 LETTER OF AGREEMENT (Band Stipend) 60 LETTER OF AGREEMENT (Professionalism Rubric) 61
For Teachers a. The teacher must be fully certified in his/her area of teaching assignment.

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  • Teachers An individual who is a resident of a Contracting State immediately before making a visit to the other Contracting State, and who, at the invitation of any university, college, school or other similar educational institution, which is recognised by the competent authority in that other Contracting State, visits that other Contracting State for a period not exceeding two years solely for the purpose of teaching or research or both at such educational institution shall be exempt from tax in that other Contracting State on his remuneration for such teaching or research.

  • Student Teachers Should USD #325 enter into an agreement with any college to train student teachers, all monies provided by colleges and universities for student teachers should be allocated to Master Teachers in proportion to the amount of classroom time they have the student teacher. Any Master Teacher has the right to refuse a student if they so desire. If all parties agree (Master Teacher, Principal, and student teacher), the student teacher may serve as a substitute for teachers, provided they are substituting in an area for which they are qualified. Cooperatively developed guidelines will be developed and made available to all Master Teachers for the supervision of student teachers.

  • Substitute Teachers The AGENCY shall employ BOARD approved substitute teachers. A listing of BOARD-approved substitutes will be provided to the AGENCY. Potential substitutes can be trained by the Board prior to approval or the AGENCY can provide its own training. All substitutes must be BOARD approved and fingerprint verification must be submitted prior to approval.

  • Part-Time Teachers Teachers with less than a full-time assignment shall be paid pro rata based on their assignment percentage.

  • Traveling Teachers The Administration will endeavor to minimize the number of trips between buildings that the teacher will be required to make. A conference will be held with the traveling teacher before finalization of the schedule by the Building Principal. Sufficient time will be allowed for the teacher to travel the distance. Traveling teachers shall be reimbursed mileage at the IRS rate.