A Registered Sample Clauses

A Registered. Nurse is a nurse who holds a certification with the College of Nurses of Ontario in accordance with the Regulated Health Professions Act.
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A Registered. Warrantholder of Uncertificated Warrants evidenced by a security entitlement in respect of Warrants must complete the Exercise Notice and deliver the executed Exercise Notice and a certified cheque, bank draft or money order payable to or to the order of the Corporation for the aggregate Exercise Price to the Warrant Agent at the Warrant Agency. The Uncertificated Warrants shall be deemed to be surrendered upon receipt of the Exercise Notice and aggregate Exercise Price or, if such documents are sent by mail or other means of transmission, upon actual receipt thereof by the Warrant Agent at the office referred to above.
A Registered. Nurse Division 2 who was employed by his or her employer as at 11 June 2002, and who receives change of shift allowances per pay period (fortnight) on the basis of an historical agreement between the employer and the employee that exceeds the entitlement arising from these provisions, such employee shall be maintained at that entitlement for the duration of this Agreement.
A Registered. Medical Practitioner in respect of whom the HSE has issued a verbal or written warning pursuant to sub-clause 1.5 of this Schedule 2 may appeal the decision of the HSE to the HSE’s Designated Person to review the matter and issue a final determination.
A Registered. Nurse is defined as a person who holds a General Certificate of Registration with the College of Nurses of Ontario in accordance with the Regulated Health Professions Act and the Nursing Act. A Registered Nurse is required to present to the Director of Resident Care by February 15th of each year, her current General Certificate of Registration. The Employer agrees to pay for the yearly Registration fee for all Registered Nurses on proof of renewal in the practising class. The Employer agrees to pay the yearly registration fee for casual employees who work a minimum of sixteen (16) tours, excluding orientation, in the preceding year. Documentation of payment of the registration fee is to be provided to the business office by February 15th to be eligible for payment.
A Registered. Nurse Division 1 who at 1 July 2006 is classified as a Charge Nurse Grade 4B, and has less than two years of experience in the Charge Nurse Grade 4B classification, will progress to the Grade 4B year 3 increment on a date when that employee has completed two years experience at the Grade 4B classification.
A Registered. Nurse must make every effort to notify his or her supervisor in advance of his or her inability to leave the workstation for a meal period.
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A Registered. Nurse who holds a post graduate diploma or a degree (other than a nursing under graduate degree) shall be paid, in addition to their salary, the following amount: A Post Graduate Diploma or Degree (or equivalent) 6.5% of the hourly rate of pay.
A Registered. Medical Practitioner shall provide a Contraception Consultation Service and that service shall include the required number of consultations for an Eligible Person.
A Registered. Medical Practitioner shall provide a Long-acting Reversible Contraception Insertion Service to an Eligible Person and that service shall include –
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