A Registered Sample Clauses

A Registered. Warrantholder of Uncertificated Warrants evidenced by a security entitlement in respect of Warrants must complete the Exercise Notice and deliver the executed Exercise Notice and a certified cheque, bank draft or money order payable to or to the order of the Corporation for the aggregate Exercise Price to the Warrant Agent at the Warrant Agency. The Uncertificated Warrants shall be deemed to be surrendered upon receipt of the Exercise Notice and aggregate Exercise Price or, if such documents are sent by mail or other means of transmission, upon actual receipt thereof by the Warrant Agent at the office referred to above.
A Registered. Practical Nurse hired by the Employer with recent and related experience may claim consideration for such experience at the time of hiring on a form to be supplied by the Employer. Any such claim shall be accompanied by verification from the previous Employer(s) within forty-five (45) days from hire, of previous related experience. The Employer shall then evaluate such experience during the probationary period following hiring. Wherein the opinion of the Employer, such experience is determined to be relevant, the employee shall be placed in the step of the wage progression consistent with one (1) yearsservice for every one (1) year of recent and related experience to the maximum of Step 3 in the RPN classification upon completion of the employee’s probationary period. If a period of more than two
A Registered. Practical Nurse (RPN) is an individual who holds a General Certificate of Registration with the College of Nurses of Ontario in accordance with the Regulated Health Professions Act and the Nursing Act. A Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) is required to show proof of a General Certificate of Registration with the College of Nurses of Ontario and must present their current General Certification to their employer prior to February 15th of each year. A Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) who is employed with the Employer and is without a current General Certification of Registration after February 15th of each calendar year shall be placed on non-disciplinary suspension until the production/confirmation of current General Registration. Upon presentation of such evidence, an RPN will be reinstated. Failure to do so within ninety (90) days of being placed on non-disciplinary suspension will result in termination, as the RPN is no longer qualified. Such termination shall not be the subject of a grievance or arbitration.
A Registered. Nurse must make every effort to notify his or her supervisor in advance of his or her inability to leave the workstation for a meal period.
A Registered. Nurse working a full shift shall be entitled to two (2) rest periods of fifteen (15) minutes each in each workday as assigned by the Employer to each Registered Nurse. A Registered Nurse who works at least a full half shift shall be entitled to one (1) such fifteen (15) minute rest period.
A Registered agent for service of process upon the limited liability companyand a registered office, which shall be the street address of its registered agent.