Written Statement Sample Clauses

Written Statement. When a student is referred for disciplinary action, the employee shall furnish the principal or designated representative, as promptly as teaching obligations will allow, with full particulars on the problem or incident in writing utilizing the student referral form. In cases where the student has been removed, the principal/designee shall furnish a written response on the referral form prior to returning the student to class. In cases where the student has not been removed from class, the principal/designee’s response shall be provided to the employee within two (2) workdays.
Written Statement. The written statement of the grievance shall briefly summarize the facts in order to identify the problem raised and the solution sought.
Written Statement. The Group or CareFirst BlueChoice may require an employee declining coverage (for the employee or any Dependent of the employee) to state in writing whether the coverage is being declined due to other health coverage only if, at or before the time the employee declines coverage, the employee is provided with notice of the requirement to provide the statement (and the consequences of the employee’s failure to provide the statement). If the Group or CareFirst BlueChoice requires such a statement and an employee does not provide it, the Group and CareFirst BlueChoice are not required to provide special enrollment to the employee or any Dependent of the employee under paragraph 2.6A.3.d). The Group and CareFirst BlueChoice must treat an employee as having satisfied the requirement permitted under paragraph 2.6A.3.d) if the employee provides a written statement that coverage was being declined because the employee or Dependent had other coverage; the Group and CareFirst BlueChoice cannot require anything more for the employee to satisfy this requirement than to provide a written statement. (For example, the Group and CareFirst BlueChoice cannot require that the statement be notarized.)
Written Statement. If the parties fail to resolve the dispute, the party who invoked the procedure shall give to the other party or parties a written statement setting out -
Written Statement. The statement required by Appendix B, Section A shall clearly indicate the following:
Written Statement. A teacher may be permitted to enter a statement in his/her file relative to a grievance in which he/she was a party. The master file on each teacher shall be maintained in the Superintendent's office.
Written Statement. To the extent the Contractor conducts marketing activities at one or more Sites, the Contractor shall submit, on an annual basis and throughout the year as Sites are included or deleted from the Contractor's marketing schedule, a written statement or letter from each Site setting forth in detail the understanding between the parties including, but not limited to, the following information: what marketing activities may be conducted at the Site; the frequency with which those marketing activities may occur; and a description of the setting in which the marketing activities will occur.
Written Statement. The Company shall deliver to the Executive ----------------- with each Annual Bonus payment a written statement setting forth the basis of its calculation of the Annual Bonus. The Executive and the Executive's independent representatives shall have the right, at the Executive's sole cost, one time per fiscal year, to inspect the records of the Company with respect to the calculations and to make copies of said records utilizing the Company's facilities without charge, and shall have free and full access thereto on reasonable notice during the normal business hours of the Company. In the event that such inspection reveals an underpayment by the Company of any Annual Bonus due the Executive, then the Company shall immediately pay to the Executive the balance of all such amounts found to be due. Further, if such inspection discloses that the Company has underpaid the Annual Bonus due for the period by ten percent (10%) or more, and the Executive is no longer employed by the Company, then the Company shall also pay the reasonable professional fees of the independent representatives engaged to conduct or review such inspection or audit.
Written Statement. A grant of sick leave in excess of five (5) consecutive days must be verified by a written statement from the employee’s physician or health care state licensed practitioner, if requested by the District.
Written Statement. Should any employee have reason to believe that there are inaccuracies in documents contained in his or her file, the member may notify the Employer in writing of the alleged inaccuracy. The employee shall have the right to submit a written statement detailing his or her objections to the materials in question. If such a statement is prepared, it shall be attached to the material objected to by the member.