Written Statement Sample Clauses

Written Statement. When a student is referred for disciplinary action, the employee shall furnish the principal or designated representative, as promptly as teaching obligations will allow, with full particulars on the problem or incident in writing utilizing the student referral form. In cases where the student has been removed, the principal/designee shall furnish a written response on the referral form prior to returning the student to class. In cases where the student has not been removed from class, the principal/designee’s response shall be provided to the employee within two (2) workdays.
Written Statement. The Company shall deliver to the ----------------- Executive with each Annual Bonus payment a written statement setting forth the basis of its calculation of the Annual Bonus. The Executive and the Executive's independent representatives shall have the right, at the Executive's sole cost, one time per fiscal year, to inspect the records of the Company with respect to the calculations and to make copies of said records utilizing the Company's facilities without charge, and shall have free and full access thereto on reasonable notice during the normal business hours of the Company. In the event that such inspection reveals an underpayment by the Company of any Annual Bonus due the Executive, then the Company shall immediately pay to the Executive the balance of all such amounts found to be due. Further, if such inspection discloses that the Company has underpaid the Annual Bonus due for the period by ten percent (10%) or more, and the Executive is no longer employed by the Company, then the Company shall also pay the reasonable professional fees of the independent representatives engaged to conduct or review such inspection or audit.
Written Statement. The information contained herein constitutes a written statement of the terms of employment of the Executive in compliance with the provisions of the Employment Rights Act 1996. IN WITNESS
Written Statement. The written statement of the grievance shall briefly summarize the facts in order to identify the problem raised and the solution sought.
Written Statement. Along with each remittance of payments pursuant to Section 3 to ABPI Sub, BDSI shall include a report covering: (i) the gross sales of all Royalty Product sold by BDSI and its Affiliates during the applicable calendar quarter; (ii) the Net Sales of all Royalty Product sold by BDSI and its Affiliates during the applicable calendar quarter and a detailed calculation of the reconciliation between gross sales and Net Sales showing those items deducted from gross sales pursuant to the definition of Net Sales; (iii) all Sublicensing Royalties received during the applicable calendar quarter; (iv) the royalties payable with respect to Net Sales and Sublicensing Royalties; and (v) the amount of Development Cost Credit and Initial Payment Credit applied towards the relevant payments due under Section 3. If no Net Sales or Sublicensing Royalties are received during any reporting period, BDSI will provide a statement to this effect to ABPI Sub.
Written Statement. Along with each remittance of payments to Princeton, BioNanomatrix shall include a report covering BioNanomatrix’s most recently completed calendar quarter and will show the payments in U.S. Dollars with respect to Net Sales and sublicensing revenue. If no sales of Licensed Products or Services have been made during any reporting period, a statement to this effect shall be made by BioNanomatrix.
Written Statement. During each step where a grievance is reduced to writing, the written statement shall specify:
Written Statement. Prior to the date on which the arbitration hearing is to commence, the Union and the Company shall confer and prepare a complete written statement of the facts which are relevant to the subject of the arbitration. This written statement shall also contain any matters of evidence upon which the parties are agreed. This written statement shall be presented to the Board of Arbitration on the opening of the hearing.
Written Statement. Tenant shall provide to Landlord a written statement certifying all amounts to be paid from any assignment or sublease of the Property, and any transaction related thereto, within ten (10) days after the transactional documentation is executed, and Landlord may inspect from time to time Tenant's books and records to verify the accuracy of the amounts due by Tenant under this Section 9.7. Upon written request, Tenant shall promptly furnish to Landlord certified photocopies of all transactional documentation, which shall be certified by Tenant as being true and correct.
Written Statement. A grant of sick leave in excess of five (5) consecutive days must be verified by a written statement from the employee’s physician.