Schedule 3 Sample Clauses

Schedule 3. 1. The first footnote in Schedule 3.1 of the Original Agreement is hereby deleted in its entirety and replaced with the following:
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Schedule 3. 1. Schedule 3.1 (Fees) to the Agreement dated October 1, 2004 through September 30, 2007 is hereby amended to add the following language to the list of Activity Based Fees: “Call Center Services $ 1.25/minute± ±Note: Minimum of $8,500/mo applies”;
Schedule 3. 1 The obligation of each Lender to make its initial extension of credit provided for in the Agreement is subject to the fulfillment, to the satisfaction of each Lender (the making of such initial extension of credit by any Lender being conclusively deemed to be its satisfaction or waiver of the following), of each of the following conditions precedent:
Schedule 3. 30.1 contains a complete and accurate list of each Seller Plan. Complete and accurate copies of (i) all Seller Plans which have been reduced to writing, (ii) written summaries of all unwritten Seller Plans, and (iii) all related trust agreements, insurance contracts and summary plan descriptions have been delivered or made available to the Buyer.
Schedule 3. 16.1 contains a true and complete list of each "employee benefit plan," as defined in Section 3(3) of ERISA (including any "multiemployer plan" as defined in Section 3(37) of ERISA), bonus, incentive, deferred compensation, excess benefit, employment contract, stock purchase, stock ownership, stock option, supplemental unemployment, vacation, sabbatical, sick-day, severance or other material employee benefit plan, program or arrangement (other than those required to be maintained by law), whether written or unwritten, qualified or nonqualified, funded or unfunded, foreign or domestic, (i) maintained by, or contributed to by Citizens or any of its Affiliates, in respect of any Employee or Former Employee, or (ii) with respect to which Citizens or any of its Affiliates has any liability in respect of any Employee or Former Employee (the"Benefit Plans"). Except as disclosed on Schedule 3.16.1, neither Citizens nor any of its Affiliates maintains any bonus, pension or welfare benefit plan, program or arrangement, including any deferred compensation arrangement, for directors, consultants or independent contractors of the Business.
Schedule 3. 16. In accordance with Section 5.14 of the Agreement, Schedule 3.16 in the Agreement is deleted in its entirety and replaced by Schedule 3.16 attached to this Amendment.
Schedule 3. 16.1 contains an accurate and complete list and description of (i) all of the Employee Benefit Plans which the Company, or any ERISA Affiliate, sponsors, maintains or contributes to, is required to contribute to, or has or could reasonably be expected to have any liability of any nature with respect to, whether known or unknown, direct or indirect, fixed or contingent, for the benefit of present or former employees of the Company and/or its ERISA Affiliates (referred to collectively as the “ Company’s Employee Benefit Plans” and individually as a “ Company’s Employee Benefit Plan”), (ii) all employees employed by the Company affected or covered by an Employee Benefit Plan, (iii) all Obligations thereunder as of the Closing Date, and (iv) all ERISA Affiliates. Accurate and complete copies of all of the Company’s Employee Benefit Plans have been provided to Buyer as well as the most recent determination letter issued, if any, or if none, Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) opinion or advisory letter issued with respect to a Company’s Employee Benefit Plan that is intended to be a qualified plan within the meaning of Section 401(a) of the Code, all pending applications for rulings, determination letters, opinions, no action letters and similar documents filed with any governmental agency (including the Department of Labor and the IRS), summary plan descriptions, service agreements, stop loss insurance policies, and all related contracts and documents (including, but not limited to, employee summaries and material employee communications), all closing letters, audit finding letters, revenue agent findings and similar documents. None of Company’s Employee Benefit Plans is subject to Title IV of ERISA or Code Section 412. None of Company’s Employee Benefit Plans is a Multiple Employer Plan or Multiemployer Plan under Code Section 413(c) or 414(f). No employer, other than the Company or an ERISA Affiliate, is permitted to participate or participates in the Company’s Employee Benefit Plans and no leased employees (as defined in Section 414(n) of the Code) or independent contractors are eligible for, or participate in, the Company’s Employee Benefit Plans. None of Company’s Employee Benefit Plans promises or provides health, life or other welfare benefits to retirees or former employees, or severance benefits, except as required by Code Section 4980B, Sections 601 through 609 of ERISA, or comparable state statutes which provide for continuing health care coverage.
Schedule 3. 21 contains a complete and accurate list of the following information for each employee, director, independent contractor, consultant and agent of Seller, including each employee on leave of absence or layoff status: name; job title; date of hiring or engagement; date of commencement of employment or engagement; current compensation paid or payable and any change in compensation since December 31, 2003; sick and vacation leave that is accrued but unused; and service credited for purposes of vesting and eligibility to participate under any employee plan, or any other employee or director benefit plan.
Schedule 3. 1. The parties acknowledge and agree Schedule 3.1 (Fee Schedule) is hereby deleted in its entirety and Schedule 3.1 attached hereto is inserted in its place.