Evaluation Criteria Sample Clauses

Evaluation Criteria. 5.2.1. The responses will be evaluated based on the following: (edit evaluation criteria below as appropriate for your project)
Evaluation Criteria. The Project Narrative describes what you intend to do with your project and includes the Evaluation Criteria in Sections A-D below. Your application will be reviewed and scored according to your response to the requirements in Sections A-D. In developing the Project Narrative section of your application, use these instructions, which have been tailored to these grants. • The Project Narrative (Sections A-D) together may be no longer than 10 pages. • You must use the four sections/headings listed below in developing your Project Narrative. You must indicate the Section letter and number in your response, i.e., type “A-1”, “A-2”, etc., before your response to each question. You do not need to type the full criterion in each section. You only need to include the letter and number of the criterion. You may not combine two or more questions or refer to another section of the Project Narrative in your response, such as indicating that the response for B.2 is in C.1. Only information included in the appropriate numbered question will be considered by reviewers. Your application will be scored according to how well you address the requirements for each section of the Project Narrative. • The number of points after each heading is the maximum number of points a review committee may assign to that section of your Project Narrative. Although scoring weights are not assigned to individual bullets, each bullet is assessed in deriving the overall Section score. SECTION A: Population of Focus and Statement of Need (10 points – approximately 1 page)
Evaluation Criteria. The Department shall evaluate eligible responsive bids. Responses that do not meet all requirements of the solicitation or fail to provide all required information, documents, or materials may be rejected as non-responsive. Bidders whose Responses, past performance, or current status do not reflect the capability, integrity, or reliability to fully and in good faith perform the requirements of a Contract may be rejected as non-responsible. The Department reserves the right to determine which Responses meets the requirements, specifications, terms, and conditions of the solicitation, and which Bidders are responsive and responsible.
Evaluation Criteria. Develop, or if a Program Manager is engaged, coordinate for approval by Owner and Using Agency the criteria that will be used to evaluate the short listed candidates for the CM/GC; arrange site visit and interview schedules, and coordinate as necessary to assure a successful interview process.
Evaluation Criteria. For the purposes of determining the lowest evaluated bid, facts other than price such as previous performances, inspection of premises, previous experience, financial soundness and such other details as the Procuring Agency at its discretion, may consider appropriate shall be taken into consideration. The following merit point system for weighing evaluation factors/ criteria can be applied for the TECHNICAL PROPOSALS. The number of points allocated to each factor shall be specified in the Evaluation Report. BID EVALUATION CRITERIA: - Evaluation Criteria (Part A + Part B) Part-A ASSESSMENT FOR ELIGIBILITY Sr. # Detail Yes / No Page # 1 Original receipt for purchase of tender 2 Minimum one year business history from initial date of issuance of DSL 3 Acceptance of terms and condition, tender documents duly signed and stamped
Evaluation Criteria. Award shall be made to the responsible vendor whose proposal is determined to be the best evaluated offer resulting from negotiations and taking into consideration all aspects of proposal impact items and the Evaluation Criteria as stated in Appendix “B”. • Professional qualifications and experience of vendor and its staff with a minimum of predetermined number of years of relevant experience and demonstrated success in providing the services requested in this solicitation; • Ability to commit resources and turnaround time for services requested; • Pricing; • Experience with other clients of similar size to Xxxxxxx County and government entities; • Vendor’s professional reputation for integrity and compliance with state and federal law, including having the appropriate license to do business in Texas; • Past performance history with Xxxxxxx County (if applicable); • Experience based on references submitted with the vendor’s proposal;and • Overall quality of vendor’s proposal. Submission of a proposal implies the vendor's acceptance of the evaluation criteria and vendor’s recognition that subjective judgments must be made by the Evaluation Committee.
Evaluation Criteria. 12.2.1 Evaluation and assessment of unit members shall include, but not be limited to, consideration of: • California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP’s) • District Continuous Improvement Efforts • School or program improvement “targets” • Unit member annual goals and objectives • Performance of other duties normally required as an adjunct to the regular assignment as prescribed in the Education Code
Evaluation Criteria. 8.1 Evaluation of bids will consist of the following:
Evaluation Criteria. 29.1 For the purposes of determining the lowest evaluated bid, factors other than price such as previous performances and such other details as the Procuring Agency at its discretion, may consider appropriate shall be taken into consideration and these should be available with the bidder. The following evaluation factors/ criteria will be employed on technical proposals.
Evaluation Criteria. During the evaluation process, each level of evaluation listed in Article 8.8.c shall give either a positive or negative recommendation on the employee's application for retention, promotion, or tenure. The recommendation shall be positive if the evaluator's rankings of the employee's performance meet or exceed the following performance standards: