Additional Hours Sample Clauses

Additional Hours. (a) where an employer requires and the part time employee agrees to work additional hours, the employee shall be paid for each additional hour or part thereof at the employee’s normal part time hourly rate of pay.
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Additional Hours. Employees who are required to work additional hours beyond their working week are entitled to receive enhancements on the following basis: Monday to Saturday Time and a half Sundays and Public and Extra Statutory holidays Double time (min 2 hours) (Part-time employees are entitled to these enhancements only at times and in circumstances in which full-time employees in the establishment would qualify. Otherwise a full working week for full-time employees shall be worked by a part-time employee before these enhancements apply).
Additional Hours. When the Appointing Authority assigns additional hours within the fourteen (14) day posting period to part-time employees whose established work day is less than eight (8) hours to work additional hours on a scheduled day of work, the hours shall be distributed to employees then on duty as provided in the applicable overtime distribution language.
Additional Hours. A part-time employee may claim a scheduled weekly work schedule of another part-time employee within the same store and classification of employment calling for more weekly hours based upon the employee's seniority over other part-time employees provided:
Additional Hours. 1. (a) Seniority in regard to claiming a schedule with more hours shall apply to Clerk's Helpers, Snack Bar employees and Combination Take-Out Bar employees within their respective classifications and within the store in which they work, insofar as is practical and feasible. Such employees shall have no seniority over apprentices or experienced clerks, nor shall their seniority apply toward experienced clerk's status.
Additional Hours. Nurses desiring additional hours should notify the Employer in writing, identifying their specific availability. Management will first attempt to offer additional scheduled hours in the assigned unit to those nurses who have made the request who have lost hours due to low census during their current or prior posted work schedule.
Additional Hours. Employees desiring to work additional shifts may notify the department manager or designee of their availability in writing or by email. Part-time employees will be given priority for additional shift assignments, unless it puts the employee in an overtime position.
Additional Hours. A child may not work in any circumstances where the payment of additional services fees in accordance with Clause 11:09(C) would apply.
Additional Hours. When additional teaching hours are available, the hours will be offered to teachers based on licensure and seniority with consideration given to class/program schedule, teaching experience and skills.
Additional Hours. A part-time employee may, within classification, claim a schedule with more hours from a less senior part-time employee, when one becomes available in the store in which said employee is employed, based on seniority rights and the ability to perform the work claimed. No part-time employee can claim the hours from employees who are either full-time or designated as Receiver, Night Crew Leader or 4th Person.