New Teachers Sample Clauses

New Teachers. 15.1 The Board agrees to acquaint new teachers with the fact that this Agreement is in effect and with the deductions provided for in Article 52 of the Teachers’ Provincial Agreement.
New Teachers. The Governing Board may adjust the number after discussions with the peer consultant. Peer consultants will assist in new staff orientation, workshops and graduate level course work as deemed appro- priate by the Governing Board.
New Teachers. If the District requires a physical examination of new teachers, the cost of this examination shall be borne by the District. The District shall have the right to select the doctor who will make the examination.
New Teachers. The Superintendent shall assign all newly appointed personnel to their specific positions within that subject area and/or grade level for which the Board has appointed them. The Superintendent shall give notice of assignments to new teachers as soon as practicable, and except in cases of emergency, not later than August 1.
New Teachers. A. New teachers shall receive a letter of intent as an offer of employment. This letter will clearly spell out salary provisions and conditions of employment to be effected by the contract.
New Teachers. 1. At the time of employment the teacher and the Superintendent, with the approval of the School Committee, will mutually agree upon the initial placement on the salary schedule, and all further progress on the schedule will be from that agreed upon placement, except that there shall be no placement to a position on the scale higher than would have been the case had the teacher's entire teaching career been in Stoneham, but the Superintendent and School Committee shall have the discretion to place a new teacher with less than three years prior service credit at step one, two or three.