Tenured Teachers Sample Clauses

Tenured Teachers. Tenured teachers will receive formal evaluation conferences at least by the end of their fifth year in Harford County and at the minimum rate of once every five (5) years thereafter. All observations of a classroom performance shall be conducted openly.
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Tenured Teachers. Decisions in regard to taking maternity/child care leave and returning from maternity/child care leave shall be a matter between the expectant mother and her physician. The expectant mother shall notify the Board of her decision if she decides to take a leave, sixty (60) days before the leave is to begin. Maternity/child care leaves of absence may be granted for a period of time up to the remainder of the semester in which the leave begins plus two (2) additional semesters.
Tenured Teachers. One (1) assessment completed by May 15 every year (assessment schedule established by Central Office and forwarded to building).
Tenured Teachers. 1. At least one-half of the tenured staff will be evaluated each year.
Tenured Teachers. Tenured teachers shall be evaluated when performance seems to warrant it, but at least once every three (3) years.
Tenured Teachers. Defined as tenured teachers who have received a rating of satisfactory on the yearly observation form and/or who have not received an awareness letter identifying any specific concern or weakness that needs to be addressed.
Tenured Teachers. Defined as tenured teachers who have received a rating of unsatisfactory on any yearly observation form. Track II tenured teachers must participate in the already established formal observation procedures.
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Tenured Teachers a. Observations shall not take place within the last fifteen (15) calendar days of the school year.
Tenured Teachers. At least once every two (2) years the immediate supervisor of each tenured Teacher shall prepare a summative evaluation of the Teacher. Preceding the summative evaluation, the supervisor shall conduct a least two (2) observations of the Teacher (at least one formal) to assist in the development of the summative evaluation. During year two of the evaluation cycle and prior to March 1, a summative evaluation must be completed. Two (2) copies of the summative evaluation, signed by both the supervisor and the Teacher, shall be prepared. One copy shall be given to the Teacher and the other copy placed in the Teacher’s personnel file.
Tenured Teachers. Tenured teachers shall be evaluated on a scheduled basis. The schedule shall be constructed by the Teacher Evaluation Committee and shall be consistent with RIGL 16-12-11. Subject to 8-14.4, teachers identified with an overall effectiveness rating as “Effective” shall be evaluated every other year, while teachers identified with an overall effectiveness rating as “Highly Effective” shall be evaluated every third year. The Teacher Evaluation Committee shall be responsible for identifying evaluation year and rotation for initial implementation using a random process. Notwithstanding the above, every teacher shall participate in a beginning and end of the year conference with their administrator. Any teacher scheduled to be evaluated in a given year who is not evaluated for any reason shall be evaluated in the succeeding year. Tenured teachers, as designated by the teacher evaluation committee, shall be evaluated by of the tenured teacher’s home base school principal or by the appropriately certified evaluator consistent with the Teacher Evaluation Handbook. The procedure to be utilized by the evaluator in conducting said evaluation is described in the Teacher Evaluation Handbook. The Teacher Evaluation Handbook is a document mutually agreed to by the parties and can be amended only by the parties. The Director of Human Resources shall provide a copy of the Teacher Evaluation Handbook to each tenured teacher.
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