Itinerant Teachers Sample Clauses

Itinerant Teachers a) An itinerant Teacher is a Teacher who is assigned duties by the Employer in more than one school in a day.
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Itinerant Teachers. Schedules of regularly assigned teachers who are assigned to and travel to more than one school or student home on a given day shall be arranged so that no teacher shall be required without his/her consent to engage in inter-school or inter-home (for home bound teachers) travel of more than thirty-five
Itinerant Teachers. 1. Travel time between instructional assignments of itinerant teachers shall be calculated as part of the teacher’s total instructional assignment as determined by Article D.20
Itinerant Teachers. Section 1. To the extent possible, itinerant teachers shall be provided with adequate, permanent work space; mail boxes; keys; and safe storage space in all schools to which they are assigned.
Itinerant Teachers. 1. Itinerant teachers are teachers and Associated Professionals who are district based, e.g., Student Support Services, Language Services.
Itinerant Teachers. The workload of itinerant teachers, at all levels, including number of classes, preparations, plannings, contact minutes, etc., shall be the same as that of all similar itinerant teachers at that level. An itinerant teacher who crosses levels shall have his workload equalized via consultation between the involved principals, in order that his workload reflect that of the school in which he spends the majority of his time.
Itinerant Teachers. 1. For the purpose of this agreement an Itinerant Teacher shall be defined as a teacher who travels between classes, schools, or sites to deliver educational programs.
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Itinerant Teachers. 26.01 An itinerant teacher is one who is required by the Employer to perform teaching duties at more than one work location on the same day. Such a teacher shall be reimbursed for necessary travel from the first location in the day to last location in the day, at the rate per kilometre established by the Employer from time to time.
Itinerant Teachers. 29.01 Itinerant teachers shall be scheduled a lunch period of not less then thirty
Itinerant Teachers. Itinerant teachers will be given non-instructional duties in the school where they spend the major portion of their time consistent with the regular duties assigned to teaching personnel in that building. These duties are not to deny a teacher time for lunch or time to arrive at the next assignment.
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