The Provision of the Services Sample Clauses

The Provision of the Services. 11 Readiness to Commence
The Provision of the Services. The Services The Parties agree that, in consideration of the Contract Fees payable by the Concessionaire to the Council, the Concessionaire shall have the right to operate the Services in accordance with the terms of this Contract. The Concessionaire shall provide the Services during the term of the Contract and perform its other obligations under the Contract in accordance with: all applicable Law; these terms and conditions and any Special Conditions; Good Industry Practice; the Quality Standards; all Consents; all Guidance; the Council’s Policies; and the methodology or method statements contained in the Concessionaire’s Response with respect to the Services to the extent these are not in conflict with the Specification. The Council shall have the power to inspect and examine the Concessionaire’s performance of the Services at any premises from which the Services or any part of the Services are being performed at any reasonable time provided that the Council gives reasonable notice to the Concessionaire. In the event that the Council notifies the Concessionaire of the Council’s reasonably held opinion that any part of the Services have not been provided in accordance with the requirements of clause 11.1 or differ in any way from those requirements, and this is other than as a result of default or negligence on the part of the Council: the Council shall have the right to require the Concessionaire to put in place such additional resources as are necessary to perform the Services in accordance with the relevant requirements as early as practicable thereafter at no charge to the Council; the Council shall have the right to require the Concessionaire to promptly remedy any failure to provide the Services in accordance with the relevant requirements at no charge to the Council within such time as may be specified by the Council. The Council shall have the right, subject to the provisions of clause 56.1, to terminate the Contract for any breach of this clause 11. If the performance of the Services by the Concessionaire is delayed by reason of any act on the part of the Council or by industrial dispute or any other cause which the Concessionaire could not have prevented and for which it was not responsible, then the Concessionaire shall be allowed a reasonable extension of time for completion. Without prejudice to any other rights and remedies the Council may have pursuant to the Contract, the Concessionaire shall reimburse the Council for all reasonable costs...
The Provision of the Services. 1.1 The Company hereby extends the engagement of the Consulting Company to provide the Services (as defined below) through Mr. Danenberg exclusively, and the Consulting Company and Mr. Danenberg hereby agree to continue providing the Services to the Company through Mr. Danenberg exclusively, as described in this Agreement. In this regard, the Consulting Company through Mr. Danenberg exclusively shall provide the Company and any of its Affiliates with services typically performed by a Chief Operating Officer, including general strategic consulting services, as required in the field of business development and raising funds, all as shall be required from time to time by the Company (the “Consulting Services” or the “Services”). While acting as a representative of Consulting Company, Mr. Danenberg shall report to and receive instructions from the Company’s Chief Executive Officer or such other person designated by the Board of Directors of the Company from time to time. The Services shall be performed by Mr. Danenberg primarily from the Company’s Israeli offices, however, Mr. Danenberg acknowledges that the Services may require international and local travel from time to time.

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  • Provision of the Services B1 The Services

  • Description of the Services The consultant has to provide services as detailed below but not limited to the same, which is required for the successful completion of the assignment Authorized /designated Authorized /designated Article II. Representative of Owner Representative of Consultant APPENDIX-B

  • B1 The Services B1.1 The Contractor shall supply the Services during the Contract Period in accordance with the Authority’s requirements as set out in the Specification and the provisions of the Contract in consideration of the payment of the Contract Price. The Authority may inspect and examine the manner in which the Contractor supplies the Services at the Premises during normal business hours on reasonable notice.

  • Use of the Services 1.1 We will make the Oracle services listed in Your order (the “Services”) available to You pursuant to this Agreement and Your order. Except as otherwise stated in this Agreement or Your order, You have the non- exclusive, worldwide, limited right to use the Services during the period defined in Your order, unless earlier terminated in accordance with this Agreement or Your order (the “Services Period”), solely for Your internal business operations. You may allow Your Users (as defined below) to use the Services for this purpose, and You are responsible for their compliance with this Agreement and Your order.

  • Performance of the Services 25.1 The Services will be performed at the Service Point.

  • Description of the service 9.1.1 Internet banking service implies an ability for the client to manage and receive remotely the following services from the bank by means of using the special Internet-site of the bank

  • Services and Duties of the Distributor A. The Distributor agrees to sell Shares on a best efforts basis as agent for the Trust upon the terms and at the current offering price (plus sales charge, if any) described in the Prospectus. As used in this Agreement, the term “Prospectus” shall mean the current prospectus, including the statement of additional information, as both may be amended or supplemented, relating to the Fund and included in the currently effective registration statement (the “Registration Statement”) of the Trust filed under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “1933 Act”) and the 1940 Act. The Trust shall in all cases receive the net asset value per Share on all sales. If a sales charge is in effect, the Distributor shall remit the sales charge (or portion thereof) to broker-dealers who have sold Shares, as described in Section 2(G), below. In no event shall the Distributor be entitled to all or any portion of such sales charge.

  • Access to Services 1. Subject to DHCS provider enrollment certification requirements, the Contractor shall maintain continuous availability and accessibility of covered services and facilities, service sites, and personnel to provide the covered services through use of DMC certified providers. Such services shall not be limited due to budgetary constraints.

  • Compensation of the Subadviser The Subadviser shall not be entitled to receive any payment from the Corporation and shall look solely and exclusively to the Adviser for payment of all fees for the services rendered, facilities furnished and expenses paid by it hereunder. As full compensation for the Subadviser under this Agreement, the Adviser agrees to pay to the Subadviser a fee at the annual rates set forth in Schedule A hereto with respect to the portion of the assets managed by the Subadviser for each Portfolio listed thereon. Such fee shall be accrued daily and paid monthly as soon as practicable after the end of each month (i.e., the applicable annual fee rate divided by 365 applied to each prior days' net assets in order to calculate the daily accrual). If the Subadviser shall provide its services under this Agreement for less than the whole of any month, the foregoing compensation shall be prorated.

  • Provision of Multiple Services If the Sub-Advisor shall have provided both investment advisory services under subparagraph (a) and investment management services under subparagraph (b) of paragraph (1) for the same portion of the investments of the Portfolio for the same period, the fees paid to the Sub-Advisor with respect to such investments shall be calculated exclusively under subparagraph (b) of this paragraph 4.