Supply of the Services Sample Clauses

Supply of the Services. 3.1. In consideration of the payment by the Customer of the Charges in accordance with clause 6, Nviron shall, with effect from the Commencement Date, supply the Services to the Customer.
Supply of the Services. 2.1 In consideration of the Customer paying the Charges to the CSU and subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the CSU hereby agrees to provide the Services to the Customer throughout the Term.
Supply of the Services. 5.1.1 In consideration for the payment of the Contact Price, the Supplier shall supply the Services:
Supply of the Services. 2.1 The Company shall provide the Services subject to these Terms and in consideration of payment of the Charges.
Supply of the Services. 2.1 Virtual Cabinet shall provide the Services to the Customer subject to these conditions and the Specific Conditions. The Customer shall sign, date and return the Quotation to Virtual Cabinet to acknowledge the Customer’s acceptance of the details of the Services and Charges outlined in the Quotation before Virtual Cabinet shall commence work.
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Supply of the Services. In consideration for the payment of the Contact Price, the Supplier shall supply the Services: in a timely manner and in accordance with the Implementation Plan and Milestones (if any); and during the Contract Period in accordance with the Customer's requirements as set out in the Contract. The Customer may inspect and examine the manner in which the Supplier supplies the Services at the Premises during normal business hours on reasonable notice. Time in relation to the supply of the Services shall be of the essence, including in relation to commencing the supply of the Services within the time agreed or on a specified date. Where the Services are to be carried out in accordance with the Implementation Plan and Milestones then the Parties agree to carry out their respective obligations set out in schedule 4. Except where otherwise provided in the Contract, the Services shall be provided by the Staff or the Sub‑contractors at such place or places as set out in paragraph 2.3 of the Order Form or as otherwise reasonably directed by the Customer or its duly authorised person. In the event that not all of the Services are provided by the relevant Milestone Dates specified in the Implementation Plan then the Customer shall be entitled to withhold payment of the Contract Price for such Services until such time as they are provided. Provision and Removal of Equipment Unless otherwise stated in the Order Form, the Supplier shall provide all the Equipment necessary for the supply of the Services. All Equipment brought onto the Premises shall be at the Supplier's own risk and the Customer shall have no liability for any loss of or damage to any Equipment unless and to the extent that the Supplier is able to demonstrate that such loss or damage was caused by or contributed to by the Customer's Default. The Supplier shall not begin any work at the Premises without obtaining Approval. The Supplier shall maintain all items of Equipment within the Premises in a safe, serviceable and clean condition. The Supplier shall, at the Customer's written request, at its own expense and as soon as reasonably practicable remove from the Premises and replace any Equipment which in the reasonable opinion of the Customer is either hazardous, noxious or not in accordance with the Contract. Upon termination or expiry of the Contract, the Supplier shall remove the Equipment together with any other materials used by the Supplier to supply the Services and shall leave the Premises in a clean...
Supply of the Services. 3.1 Datapharm shall provide the Services in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in the Agreement including, for the avoidance of doubt, any SLA.
Supply of the Services. 2.1 Within the constraints of the funding provided by Customer under clause 4, Oxford shall use all reasonable endeavours to provide Customer with the Services.
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