Student Teachers Sample Clauses

Student Teachers. 1. The quality of teaching done in any classroom is determined in large measure by the kind of preparation the candidate for a certificate receives. Since his practice teaching experience in an actual classroom situation under the guidance of a competent, experienced teacher is basic in his success, the Xxxxx Schools will cooperate in providing such opportunities to practice teachers of colleges whose teacher-training programs are approved.
Student Teachers. 8.05.01.A No teacher will be required to accept the responsibility of supervising student teachers; it is believed that professionally interested teachers will volunteer to do so from time to time.
Student Teachers. A. Teachers are under no legal obligation to the District or to a college/university involved to accept a student teacher or a September experience student. If the teacher does accept this responsibility, he/she does so on a voluntary basis.
Student Teachers. No employee will be assigned a student teacher without his/her prior consent and knowledge of such an assignment. When possible, such assignment shall be announced at least two (2) weeks in advance of the student teacher's arrival.
Student Teachers. The Partnership aims to develop teachers who, by the end of their ITT studies/training, are competent, reflective and professional to a level at least commensurate with that expected of a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT). As with all other personnel involved in the Partnership, University student teachers have specific roles and responsibilities. These roles and responsibilities will vary according to the specific programme/course that they are registered on and the stage at which they are at on said programme/course. However these roles and responsibilities (listed below) apply to all University student teachers irrespective of programme/course and/or stage. During school experience, it is the student teachers’ responsibility to ensure that they:  Familiarise themselves with the school experience handbook and requirements for the school experience;  Work to support the aims/principles/ethos/philosophy of the school;  Demonstrate a positive professional attitude;  Adhere to school and national safeguarding policy/guidance at all times  Work co-operatively with colleagues, parents and other adults in negotiating the curriculum and care of pupils in school;  Make a full and active contribution to the life of the school in line with current school policies and course requirements;  Communicate with other adults involved in children’s education;  Demonstrate an ability to reflect on and develop their own practice;  Respond professionally to advice from University and school-based colleagues;  Display a willingness to learn vis-à-vis their development as a teacher;  Organize themselves in relation to the various meeting and paperwork related demands of their specific programme/course;  Be punctual and dress appropriately in relation to their school experience;  Comply with the school’s policy regarding the recording and sharing of sensitive data about children and young people;  Communicate promptly, clearly and appropriately/professionally with all University and school- based colleagues involved in their training as is necessary, including following the University procedures for notifying colleagues of absence from school experience;  Follow/ abide, as they all relate to their conduct during school experience, by … - both the school’s and the University’s Health and Safety requirements / procedures - University Equal Opportunities/Race Equality policies alongside the Standards as set out in the Teachers’ Standards (DfE 2012)
Student Teachers. Should USD #325 enter into an agreement with any college to train student teachers, all monies provided by colleges and universities for student teachers should be allocated to Master Teachers in proportion to the amount of classroom time they have the student teacher. Any Master Teacher has the right to refuse a student if they so desire. If all parties agree (Master Teacher, Principal, and student teacher), the student teacher may serve as a substitute for teachers, provided they are substituting in an area for which they are qualified. Cooperatively developed guidelines will be developed and made available to all Master Teachers for the supervision of student teachers.
Student Teachers. A. Supervisory teachers shall have had not less than two (2) years teaching experience prior to being assigned as a supervisory teacher.
Student Teachers. Teachers requesting a student teacher shall make written application through their building principal. No teacher shall be assigned a student teacher for more than two (2) quarters per year. Principals shall serve as supervisors of all student teaching assignments in their buildings. Only those teachers who are willing to accept student teachers will be given the assignment.
Student Teachers. A. The term "student teacher" as used hereinafter shall refer to student teachers, intern teachers and all other such programs. Agreement to become a supervising teacher of a student teacher shall be strictly voluntary and is recognized not to result in such bargaining unit members becoming supervisors within the meaning of the Public Employment Relations Act (PERA). Probationary teachers are prohibited from accepting student teachers.
Student Teachers. Supervision by a teacher of a student teacher shall be voluntary and no teacher shall supervise more than one (1) student teacher simultaneously. Only a tenure teacher who has taught in his/her subject area(s) for two (2) or more years will supervise a student teacher. No student teacher shall be used as a substitute for any teacher other than his/her supervisor teacher. Such student teacher may act as a substitute teacher for the supervisor teacher only when said supervisor teacher is attending a workshop on student teaching conducted by the host college of the student teacher. The Board agrees that such supervisor teacher will be in no way responsible for conduct, accidents or other occurrences during the time the supervisor teacher is attending such workshops.