CERTIFIED TEACHERS. 31.01 Where the Education Act permits Boards to employ persons without teaching certificates to provide services previously required to be provided by certified Teachers, the Board agrees to continue to employ certified Teachers to provide such services, subject to any other applicable provision of this Collective Agreement.
CERTIFIED TEACHERS. Complete the application form and give to your immediate supervisor no later than March 1 of the year preceding the request of job sharing.
CERTIFIED TEACHERS. 3.20.1 The Board shall continue to employ only certified teachers who are registered with the Ontario College of Teachers for all teaching positions.
CERTIFIED TEACHERS. Adjustment to the seniority list is made on periods of absences in excess of five (5) unpaid working days except for military service. All adjustments will be made on a 185 day school calendar.
CERTIFIED TEACHERS. Any teacher obtaining an approved Master’s Degree (Approved by Administration), will receive a one-thousand ($1,000.00) Bonus. Said bonus shall be paid upon receipt of an official transcript from the university to the district office. This is a one-time bonus.
CERTIFIED TEACHERS. SUBCONTRACTING‌ This article does not preclude the use of substitutes for short term or long term by the District. It is recognized by the parties that it is the responsibility and obligation of the District to determine what services will be provided, the level of services that will be provided, and by whom the services will be delivered.
CERTIFIED TEACHERS. 3.17.1 All teaching positions covered by this collective agreement shall remain in the Bargaining Unit for the duration of this collective agreement.
CERTIFIED TEACHERS. Where the Education Act permits employers to employ persons without teaching certificates to provide services previously required to be provided by certified teachers, the employer agrees to continue to employ certified teachers to provide such services, where the core duties of any position involve those duties normally performed by teachers. Notwithstanding the above, para -professionals may provide support services to teachers and students.
CERTIFIED TEACHERS. It is the Board’s intention that programs that are taught by the Board’s certified elementary teachers as of September, 2004 will be taught by certified elementary teachers during the term of this Collective Agreement, September 1, 2014 – August 31, 2017.