Contractor shall Sample Clauses

Contractor shall maintain service delivery documentation for all direct services that will include, but not be limited to the following:
Contractor shall. 2. Sp ma no
Contractor shall. 7 Report to COUNTY no later than five (5) business days following approval by ADMINSTRATOR of8 all individual Cost Reports to be incorporated into a consolidated Cost Report 91011121314151617181920212223 1. If CONTRACTOR fails to submit an accurate and complete individual and/or consolidated24 Cost Report within the time period specified above, ADMINISTRATOR may withhold outstanding25 payments in an amount no greater than $5,000 limited only to payments due to CONTRACTOR26 pursuant to this Agreement until such time that the accurate and complete individual and/or consolidated27 Cost Report is delivered to ADMINISTRATOR.28 2. CONTRACTOR may request, in advance and in writing, an extension of the due date of the29 individual and/or consolidated Cost Report setting forth good cause for justification of the request.30 Approval of such requests shall be at the sole discretion of ADMINISTRATOR and shall not be31 unreasonably denied.32 B. The individual and/or consolidated Cost Report prepared for each period shall be the final33 financial and statistical report submitted by CONTRACTOR to COUNTY, and shall serve as the basis34 for final settlement to CONTRACTOR for that period. CONTRACTOR shall document that costs are35 reasonable and allowable and directly or indirectly related to the services to be provided hereunder. The36 individual and/or consolidated Cost Report shall be the final financial record for subsequent audits, if37 any.
Contractor shall. Contractor shall provide unarmed security guards for special events/circumstances on an as needed basis at various OC Parks locations. County shall request services from Contractor no less than three (3) days prior to the date(s) of service. County shall have the option of contacting the Contractor via telephone or fax to schedule service.
Contractor shall conduct a **** progress meetings with on-site representatives of Inmarsat at Contractor’s premises or, alternatively, by telephone conference) where the following shall be discussed: • Current active tasks; • Technical and schedule aspects; • Status and progress; • Technical, contractual and managerial issues; • Risks and contingency measures (in the form of a Risk Log); • Current and potential problems; * Portions of this document marked with **** have been omitted pursuant to a request for confidential treatment submitted with the SEC. The original contracts have been filed separately with the SEC as part of the confidential treatment request.
Contractor shall have a mechanism for tracking corrective actions at all project phases.
Contractor shall have in place a Non-Conformance Control mechanism.
Contractor shall minute the meeting proceedings capturing the key decisions and all actions taken.