Teachers Sample Clauses

Teachers. An individual who is a resident of a Contracting State immediately before making a visit to the other Contracting State, and who, at the invitation of any university, college, school or other similar educational institution, which is recognised by the competent authority in that other Contracting State, visits that other Contracting State for a period not exceeding two years solely for the purpose of teaching or research or both at such educational institution shall be exempt from tax in that other Contracting State on his remuneration for such teaching or research.
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Teachers. 1. A professor or teacher who visits one of the Contracting States for the purpose of teaching or engaging in research at a University or any other similarly recognised educational institution in that State and who, immediately before that visit, was a resident of the other Contracting State shall be exempted from tax by the first- mentioned State in respect of any remuneration received for such teaching or research for a period not exceeding two years from the date of his first arrival in that State for such purpose.
Teachers i. Each teacher shall be given written instructions on the purpose, mechanics, and dimensions of the evaluation procedure, including the teaching standards and rubrics on which the evaluation is based.
Teachers. Secretaries
Teachers except teachers-teaching-on-call and those teachers whose assignment is that of permanent teacher-teaching-on-call, shall normally not be required:
Teachers. The Charter School shall ensure that teachers are licensed pursuant to state statutes and state board of education rules, and meet applicable federal qualifications including highly qualified, exceptional education certified and ESL certified.
Teachers. “To Be Placed” include excessed teachers and teachers returning from extended leaves of absence.
Teachers. The State agrees to make this document and all related schedules available to new teachers and related employees at time of hire.
Teachers in-charge shall assure that the safety of the students and the regular routine and security of the school are maintained. They shall deal with emergent matters, with assistance from District supervisory staff, as required. They shall maintain routine attendance recording and information reporting, as well as assuming the normal noon supervision duties of the absent administrative officer(s).
Teachers. 1. Educators shall participate annually in the evaluation orientation, review procedures, review criteria, and request assistance related to their performance, as needed.