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Conditions and Provisions. No employee may take a leave in the twelve (12) months prior to retirement. • The maximum time period that salary can be deferred is four (4) years; the minimum is one (1) year. • The maximum amount of salary that an employee can defer in a taxation year is one- third (33.3%) of annual salary and the amount of salary deferred must be equally distributed across the deferral period. • The deferral salary is retained by the Employer to be deposited into an interest-bearing account; the interest rate will be set by the Employer. The earned interest will be paid to the employee by December 31 of each year during the deferral period. • During the deferral period, both the actual salary paid and the interest accrued on the deferred salary are to be treated as employment income for the purposes of the Income Tax Act. Government legislated benefits will be deducted in keeping with legislated requirements. • The leave must commence at the conclusion of the deferral period. • In the event the employee has received notice of layoff or the level of employment is reduced prior to the leave period, the Employer will discuss with the employee a mutually acceptable modification of the leave of absence plan. • The employee’s seniority will continue to accumulate during the leave period. • Vacation does not accumulate during the leave and there is no sick leave benefit. • During the leave period the employee can opt out of the benefits programs for the leave period, or alternatively, can choose to maintain benefits coverage by paying both Employer and employee contributions to benefits plans. • If an employee’s employment terminates prior to the leave period, the employee will receive any balance of accumulated deferred salary. • Withdrawal from the plan or postponement of the leave for reasons other than termination of employment, death, or disability requires the approval of the Vice- President, Administration and Human Resources, in writing, prior to the scheduled leave whether the withdrawal or postponement is initiated by the Employer or by the employee. • The Employee shall return to work following the leave period for a period that is not less than the leave period, and the Employer will make every effort to place the employee in the same or equivalent position. • On return from leave the salary rate would be that which would be paid had no leave occurred. ******************** SCHEDULE G: EMPLOYEE BENEFITS‌ Long-Term Disability Plan‌ The Employer and the employees sha...
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Conditions and Provisions. If the buyer elects to receive a replacement puppy under the terms of this contract, he/she agrees to furnish proof that the dog has been sterilized prior to replacement. If under any circumstances, the buyer decides to sell or otherwise dispose of this dog, the buyer agrees to give the seller the right to repurchase the dog. The repurchase amount will be not more than half the original purchase price until the dog reaches 12 months of age. After the age of 12 months the dog must be returned and no refunds will be made. If the buyer returns this dog to the seller, the buyer agrees to pay all costs of return. The buyer agrees to make any claims arising out of the foregoing guarantees no later than this dog’s third birthday. After that date the seller will no longer be responsible to the buyer in these matters. However, it is understood by the buyer that first right of refusal on the purchase of this dog belongs to the seller for the lifetime of the dog. Breeding Conditions The dog is being sold to the buyer on full registration and on a co ownership. It shall be understood that any breeding that may occur, accidental or purposeful, before all health testing has been completed with a passing result, will be considered a violation of this contract, rendering all guarantees and agreements null and void Arbitration It is understood and agreed to by the buyer and seller that this agreement and the purchase and sale of the said dog shall fall under the jurisdiction of the laws of the county and state of residence of the breeder in respect to this agreement, and shall be dealt with as per the laws governing this location. It is further understood that any circumstances/situations/disputes arising which are not covered within this agreement shall be remedied at the discretion of the breeder and the breeder’s decision shall be final and binding. By signing this agreement of sale, the buyer acknowledges having read this agreement in its entirety and agrees to all terms and conditions within. Please print the following: Buyers Name: Address: Telephone number: Signature of Buyer Date Signature of Seller/Breeder
Conditions and Provisions. Subject to the terms, exceptions and conditions (precedent or otherwise) and in consideration of, and conditional upon, the prior payment of the premium by or on behalf of the Insured and receipt thereof by or on behalf of the Company, the Company specified in the schedule agrees to indemnify or compensate the Insured by payment or, at the option of the Company, by replacement, reinstatement or repair in respect of the defined events occurring during the period of insurance and as otherwise provided under the within sections up to the sums Insured, limits of indemnity, compensation and other amounts specified. Where more than one insurance Company or insurer participates in this insurance, the expression “Company” shall be amended to “insurers” wherever it appears in this policy. In this event the percentage share of each insurer will be as expressed in the schedule of this policy and the liability of each such insurer individually shall be limited to the percentage share set against its name. Specific Exceptions, Conditions and Provisions shall override General Exceptions, Conditions and Provisions. General Exceptions
Conditions and Provisions. This agreement, with accompanying documents and appendices, sets out the conditions under which the purchase and take-up of Green Gas by GasTerra will take place at the agreed supply point(s). Conditions of sale and/or other general conditions of the Seller and of GasTerra are explicitly not applicable to this agreement. If at any time a part of this agreement is invalid under applicable law or proves not to be enforceable in another manner, this does not affect the validity and/or enforceability of the remaining provisions of this agreement. Should the need arise, both parties will jointly negotiate in good faith to lay down replacement provisions which approach the original provisions as closely as possible in an economic sense. The Parties will treat the contents of this agreement, as well as all information that the Parties receive from each other within the context of this agreement, including all technical and operational information, offers, prices and (periodic) quotations in confidence, and will not publish them, electronically or otherwise, nor disclose them to third parties (i.e. persons who are not part of the management, personnel and external advisers of either Party) in any other manner, and will only use them within their own businesses. A Party will allow third parties to view or inspect this agreement and/or information only if such view or inspection to such third parties is required by law or if such is necessary as part of legal proceedings in which this agreement is central, or if this Party has received written permission from the other Party to do so. Furthermore, a Party is permitted to provide external advisers with the information. In that case, this Party warrants the other Party that the external adviser will comply with these provisions. A party that ceases to be a party to this agreement for whatever reason will continue to be obliged to comply with its outstanding obligations in full. Unless agreed otherwise in writing by and between the Parties and the Seller’s financier (e.g. under a Direct Agreement), a Party is not permitted to transfer the agreement, or any of its rights and obligations under the agreement, to a third party without obtaining prior written permission from the other Party, which permission will not be unreasonably withheld. A Party is entitled to terminate this agreement without legal intervention and with immediate effect if the other party has been declared bankrupt or has been granted suspension of pay...
Conditions and Provisions a. Any student taking classes under this Agreement will be considered enrolled in the Home Institution, and the Home Institution will be considered the degree-granting institution.
Conditions and Provisions. Section 7.01. Advance Not Waiver. Any advance by Lender of Loan proceeds hereunder made prior to or without the fulfillment by Borrower of all of the conditions precedent thereto, whether or not known to Lender, shall not constitute a waiver by Lender of the requirement that all conditions, including the non-performed conditions, shall be required with respect to all future advances.
Conditions and Provisions of Agreement of August 31, 1955 -- This agreement and attached service schedules fulfill all conditions and provisions of Article III of the "Agreement of August 31, 1955."
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Conditions and Provisions. The completed proposal (together with all required attachments) must be submitted electronically to City on or before the time and date stated herein. All Proposers, by electronic submission of a proposal, shall agree to comply with all of the conditions, requirements and instructions of this solicitation as stated or implied herein. All proposals and supporting materials submitted will become the property of the City. Proposer’s response shall not contain any alteration to the document posted other than entering data in spaces provided or including attachments as necessary. By submission of a response, Proposer affirms that a complete set of bid documents was obtained from the eBid System or from the Purchasing Division only and no alteration of any kind has been made to the solicitation. Exceptions or deviations to this proposal may not be added after the submittal date. All Proposers are required to provide all information requested in this solicitation. Failure to do so may result in disqualification of the proposal. The City reserves the right to postpone or cancel this solicitation, or reject all proposals, if in its sole discretion it deems it to be in the best interest of the City to do so. The City reserves the right to waive any technical or formal errors or omissions and to reject all proposals, or to award contract for the items herein, in part or whole, if it is determined to be in the best interests of the City to do so. The City shall not be liable for any costs incurred by the Proposer in the preparation of proposals or for any work performed in connection therein.

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  • Definitions and General Provisions The following words and terms as hereinafter used in this Agreement shall have the following meanings unless otherwise herein provided and unless the context or use clearly indicates an other or different meaning or intent.


  • FULLY BARGAINED PROVISIONS A. This Agreement represents and incorporates the complete and final understanding and settlement by the parties on all bargainable issues which were or could have been the subject of negotiations.

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