Null and Void Sample Clauses

Null and Void. Any attempt to Transfer any Common Stock that is not in compliance with this Agreement shall be null and void, and the Company shall not, and shall cause any transfer agent not to, give any effect in the Company’s stock records to such attempted Transfer and the purported transferee in any such purported Transfer shall not be treated as the owner of such Common Stock for any purposes of this Agreement.
Null and Void. This Agreement becomes null and void if the time between the earlier dated signature and the later dated signature of DHS’ and Xxxxxxx’s Authorized Representatives on this Agreement exceeds sixty (60) days inclusive of the two signature dates.
Null and Void. In the event that goes an extended period of time [one (1) week warning, two (2) weeks OWL E-SPORTS Contract Agreement termination] without playing tournaments and matches, or stops participating in OWL ESPORTS organization entirely, without prior knowledge or advance by an owner or assigned managers from OWL E- SPORTS, this Agreement will be voided OWL E-SPORTS, thus resulting in being terminated from OWL ESPORTS. In the event where there are no agreed upon or active online or LAN tournaments or matches being held, this stipulation will not apply. Any active participation between tournaments that result in promotion of OWL E-SPORTS brand will be included as participation, and therefore, meet this part of the agreement.
Null and Void. An attempted Transfer of all or a portion of any Units that is not in compliance with this Article 3 in its entirety will be null and void. A Transferee may not become a substitute Member without the express written consent of Members holding more than fifty percent (50.0%) of the total Units outstanding. Such consent may be withheld for any reason (or no reason). In the event that such consent is granted, the Transfer and the transferee must comply with all the provisions of this Agreement and all applicable law. No Units may be transferred if, in the sole and absolute discretion of the Manager, such a Transfer would jeopardize the availability of exemptions from registration under federal securities laws, the tax status of the LLC or cause termination of the LLC for federal income tax purposes.
Null and Void. Any attempted assignment in violation of this Article 23 shall be null and void ab initio and the non-assigning Party shall have the right, without prejudice to any other rights or remedies it may have hereunder or otherwise, to terminate this Agreement effective immediately upon notice to the Party attempting such assignment.
Null and Void. Should this Agreement not be approved by the Board, it shall be considered null and void.
Null and Void. In the event that the Purchase Agreement is terminated without the closing thereunder occurring, this Termination Agreement shall be null and void and of no further force and effect.