The Insured Sample Clauses

The Insured. For the purposes of cover under clause 1.1, the Insured includes:
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The Insured. For the purposes of the cover contemplated by clause 1.1, the insured must include:
The Insured. The person insured under each Insurance must include, and coverage under the Insurance as joint insureds must extend to, all those persons and entities set out in clause 1 under the definition of “Insured”.
The Insured a person who enters into this Insurance Agreement with the Insurer and pays the relevant insurance premium;
The Insured. The insured means a natural person whose risk is insured. The insured person shall be indicated by name in the policy
The Insured. (Insured person) - the person, who executes Insurance Agreement with the Insurer;
The Insured. Health Insured Person shall not, without prior written consent of the Insurer, transfer to third party the obligations assumed or the rights granted to it under the Insurance Agreement (including Annex (es)). Refusal of the Insurer excludes the possibility of any above actions and/or transactions and, accordingly, any action and/or transaction exercised through breach of this rule is void and shall not bear legal consequences unless explicitly defined otherwise by the Legislation.
The Insured. All Works, temporary works, components, Property equipment, materials and goods for incorporation therein, rolling stock and works trains, spares, temporary buildings, office equipment and all other property or equipment of whatsoever nature or description (but excluding Contractors' plant and equipment and spare parts therefore) all being the property of the Insured or for which they may be responsible or hold themselves responsible at the site of the Insured Project or works or elsewhere within the Territorial Limits including whilst in Transit in connection with the Insured Projects.
The Insured. The Insured include the owner and holder of the vehicle. The owner has always first priority for the compensation over the holder of the vehicle.
The Insured. [ ] B. The Applicant. Relationship to Insured: [ ] C. Other, (Print Name) -------------------------------------- ------------------------------ First Middle Initial Last 11B. CONTINGENT BENEFICIARY: (Print Name) ---------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------- Relationship to Insured