The Management Sample Clauses

The Management. 2.1. The Management Company undertakes and warrants to manage and perform the Services in proper level and standard and the Lessee agrees to the said and consents to the exclusive management and performance of the Services. The Lessee waives any right to manage the Building, including by a tenants’ association and it grants all authorities granted to such a representation to the Management Company and undertakes to act in accordance with the provisions set forth in this Agreement. [Signature and Stamp: Ogen Yielding Real Estate Ltd and Polypid Ltd.] [Signed]
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The Management. Company shall provide all redemption requests duly timed, dated and stamped to the Trustee within twenty four (24) hours of receipt of any such request.”
The Management. Sellers shall keep the Buyer fully and promptly informed of the progress of any Tax Dispute and the Buyer shall be promptly sent copies of all correspondence and notes or other written records of telephone conversations or meetings and, in the event that there is no written record, shall be given an immediate report of any material telephone conversation with any Taxation Authority to the extent that it relates to a Tax Dispute;
The Management. Sellers will and the Buyer will procure that the Company enters into and exchanges engrossments of the Service Agreements.
The Management. 6.3.1 Unless otherwise agreed, the Company shall have only one chief executive officer (in Danish: "Adm.direcktor") to execute the decisions of the board and to manage the daily operations and affairs of the Company.
The Management. Upon being appointed the Managing Board shall immediately select the management team, which shall consist of a director and a deputy-director. The management shall be responsible for conducting the day-to-day business of the JV under the stewardship of the Managing Board. The management's term of office shall be three (3) years; the management may be re-appointed. Initially, the director shall be appointed by the FCMB and the deputy-director by HTH. On expiry of the period of office HTH shall nominate the director. Thereafter, the position of director shall alternate per period of office between the Partners. The management is obliged to effect the resolutions of the Managing Board and to organize and conduct the day-to-day business of the JV. The Partners shall not refuse to appoint the manager proposed by the relevant Partner without good cause. In the absence of the director his duties shall be transferred to the deputy-director or an employee of the JV empowered to stand in for the director in his absence. This shall also apply in the absence of the deputy-director. The Managing Board is empowered to dismiss a manager at any time following a breach of faith or major breach of duty. The managers shall represent the JV collectively. Details shall be laid down in management agreements yet to be concluded.
The Management. The Members shall conduct the day-to-day business affairs of the Company, subject to any resolutions adopted by the Members and to the Act.
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The Management. Both parties agree that Txxxxxxx will elect one director to the board and retain the current management of "TSD" until further notice.
The Management. Company may, from time to time, with the consent of the Trustee make arrangements for conducting the business of the Scheme or with regard to any other matter incidental thereto; provided, that such arrangements are not inconsistent with the provisions of the Rules, the Regulations or the Constitutive Documents.
The Management. Company shall obtain a rating of the Scheme once the Scheme becomes eligible for rating, as per the rating criteria of a rating agency selected by the Management Company and approved by the Commission, and such rating shall be updated at least once every financial year and be published in the annual and quarterly reports of the Scheme.
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