The Management Sample Clauses

The Management. 2.1. The Management Company undertakes and warrants to manage and perform the Services in proper level and standard and the Lessee agrees to the said and consents to the exclusive management and performance of the Services. The Lessee waives any right to manage the Building, including by a tenantsassociation and it grants all authorities granted to such a representation to the Management Company and undertakes to act in accordance with the provisions set forth in this Agreement. [Signature and Stamp: Ogen Yielding Real Estate Ltd and Polypid Ltd.] [Signed]
The Management. Sellers will and the Buyer will procure that the Company enters into and exchanges engrossments of the Service Agreements.
The Management. These general guidelines for incentive pay therefore only apply to the executive offi- cers who are registered with the Commerce and Companies Agency at any given time, as other staff categories outside the scope of these guidelines may have bonus or other incentive pay included in their respective terms of employment. According to the Articles of Association the registered Management shall comprise at least two and not more than six members; currently it consists of four members. The terms of employment and remuneration of the Management are agreed between the individual executive officer and the Board of Directors and the pay shall normally include all the elements mentioned in section 3 below. The Board of Directors has set up a remuneration committee which assesses the Management's terms of pay from time to time.
The Management. It is necessary to evaluate, forecast and develop a specific plan of tourism labor force to meet the tourism development needs of the province, at least until 2030 by the Department of Tourism, the head unit which manages tourism activities of the province.At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the close collaboration between the State administration, enterprises and tourism training establishments in developing legal corridor for the training cooperate; closely in governing labor force quality from input, output and monitoring quality of them during the training and use of labor force.At first, the department of tourism should work closely with the Department of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs, the localities to review, plan re-training to improve the level of foreign languages, professional experience… for business establishments in tourism....On the other hand, the Department should organize vocational examinations every year and have policies to attract talents, professionals, artisans involved in the tourist development of the province.
The Management. The list of the members of the management and their presentation are available at the homepage of the Company (
The Management. ARTICLE 11 - The Company's management will be the responsibility of the Board of Directors and the Board of Executive Officers.
The Management. These demarcations are meant to enhance good working relations as opposed to contradictions and conflict creation.
The Management. At present, there were 13 company’s management members in accordance with the definition of the management set by The Securities and Exchange Commission. The management were authorized by the company to carry out duties in accordance with the company’s policies.Name list of the Management as of December 31, 2020