Purchase of Sample Clauses

Purchase of. Product IDDiscount (% off Cisco Price List)CriteriaASA5506X (See Attachment[A] for each eligible PID for each country)99.9% off using new promotion codeASA5506-TAMC-1Y has to bepurchased together and at the same time with ASA5506X forL-ASA5506-TAMC-1Y55% off using new promotion codethe same Authorized Reseller and end customer to be eligible for the discounts The discounts offered under this Promotion are incremental to Participating Distributor’s standard discount under the Agreement. Definitions:(a) “POS” means point-of-sale transactions submitted to Cisco’s Distributor Credit Automation (DCA) Tool in which the system will validate the claims based on discount rules at the time of sale.
Purchase of. Additionally, any other equipment as specified by the chemical engineering firm. Schedule for Implementation of [ * ] Plan: 1. Within two (2) weeks of signing to engage chemical engineering firm. 2. Upon signing [ * ]. 3. Purchasing of equipment will be after the chemical engineering firm has completed its review. ---------- [ * ] Confidential Treatment Requested
Purchase of. Metric Tons of MFA. The last paragraph of page 5, Section 5.a., of the MOU states as follows:
Purchase of. DPI will purchase [****] prior to [****], and install and operate the tool at DPI Dresden for a period of not less than [****], unless a different period of time is agreed to between the Parties, in writing. DPI agrees to provide reasonable additional capacity to the AMTC in the event [****] is inoperable or unable to provide adequate performance for the AMTC pilot production, and to provide such capacity on a basis consistent with the Capacity Sharing Agreement to be executed between DPI Dresden and the AMTC. The Capacity Sharing Agreement referenced in this clause is not the Capacity Sharing Agreement referenced in the Preamble to this Agreement.
Purchase of. One Day and AnnualDiscover Passbooks of 10 or 25: The Limited License Dealer agrees to purchase One Day and Annual “Discover Pass on a prepaid basis. The Limited License Dealer acknowledges that all purchases are final and that there are no refunds for unsold One Day and Annual “Discover Pass”. TheLimited License Dealer shall charge the same amount to its customers as the value of the pass, and may charge a two-dollar ($2.00) dealer fee, as authorized by RCW 77.32.050 and WAC 220-55-115.
Purchase of. Products
Purchase of. Subject to the remainder of this Clause 2.3(b), Purchaser shall have the right (but no obligation) to purchase [***] as specified in Annex F. The Purchaser shall have the right to have the quantities of the [***] set out in Annex F.
Purchase of up to a maximum unit quantity of *** respectively, PROVIDED THAT, ***. The agreed upon cost to *** or less. In the event the *** are sold to *** customers, *** agrees *** the appropriate gross margin on the sale of these Units in accordance with the agreed upon Transfer Prices outlined for *** as referenced in Schedule 5.2, PROVIDED THAT, any *** sold will be *** against the MPRs for that Calendar Year accordingly. Text which has been omitted and filed separately under Rule 24b-2, pursuant to which Neoprobe Corporation has requested confidential treatment of this information, has been replaced by " *** " in this Exhibit. 8 Confidential portions of this Exhibit are subject to a Request for Confidential Treatment under Rule 24b-2