THE REQUIREMENT. The Department of Health seeks to employ the services of a contractor to populate the Data Extract templates per the specification outlined in the document "DAS data collection guidance v4.doc" dated 5th September 2013 for the organisations listed below. The work requires reformatting of data and multiple manipulations to ensure the data is able to populate the templates per the Word document.
THE REQUIREMENT. What did you set out to do? ● What was the challenge you faced? ● What goals did the you have? ● Why did they choose CCS? Have you worked with us before? How did you hear about us?
THE REQUIREMENT. 6.1 The Supplier shall ensure that the Services are provided to all Recipients identified by the Contracting Authority. These will normally be to staff being deployed to difficult, high threat environments.
THE REQUIREMENT. 4.1 The principal work in this contract will be the analytical and technical advice provided by the Service Provider to the Client for the purpose of determining the correct ‘classification’ or ‘class’ of goods traded between the UK, Member States of the European Community and other countries worldwide.
THE REQUIREMENT. In order to identify the importance of ensuring that financial decisions take full account of the implications for the quality of care and effectively at local level, there is a requirement for the development of: · Decision-making support tools to help identify and assess cost and quality implications and appropriate risk mitigation; · A peer support and mentoring programme to offer end-to-end support for self-identifying organisations. The delivery of these outputs will require the following skills: · Insight into the motivations and assumptions of both finance professionals and clinical leaders; · Ability to develop high quality tools and guidance at rapid pace; · Ability to engage credibly and insightfully with critical group audiences – in this case clinical leaders and managerial leaders in the NHS
THE REQUIREMENT. Client Organisations often have limited procurement and contract management resources and require an outsourced solution that will enable them to extract maximum value from a range of (mainly) maintenance and service contracts throughout their lifecycle. Specifically, the Supplier must have experience of delivering these services to NHS Client Organisations, including medical maintenance, hospital estates maintenance and services contracts. The Supplier is expected to be able to manage similar contract types in other Public Sector bodies.
THE REQUIREMENT. 16.1 DWP will transfer limited customer data, such as, but not limited to, Name, Date of Birth, Address, and details of other data within the claim unit. The requirement is for the contractor to provide raw data and derived data (eg. credit score) for a matched customer for use within DWP business processing. DWP require a set of services to support the RBV process ranging from ‘real time’ calls to support decision making with the customer ‘on-line’ to a scheduled batch process to support processing of records ‘off-line’ but before payment is made. The type of data that we would want to receive is including but not restricted to: Details about all adults living at the customer’s address that will show what, if any, relationship there is between the customer and any other adults at the same address; Provide a count of the number of bank or building society accounts on which the customer is named as an account holder (this should exclude accounts for societies, churches etc where someone is a signatory but not the named account holder); Provide data that would inform DWP if the customer has capital assets not held in a bank or building society account, including property and details of any mortgage; Provide data to indicate that the customer and another individual have joint responsibility for regular outgoings such as, but not limited to, utility bills, mortgage or other loan agreements or credit cards; Provide data about the customer’s declared household income relevant to the current year Provide data that will show whether the customer has been employed within the last year, or is currently employed; Provide data to show that another person is contributing to any of the customer’s regular living expenses such as, but not limited to, mortgage/ rent /utility bills; Fraud and Address flags not included in any response via the IDV check.
THE REQUIREMENT. 5.1 As stated at Section 2, the high level, overall requirement which we are seeking Contractor assistance in providing is, where the DWP IDV solution cannot generate a suitable bio-test (due to an insufficient internal data record), a Contractor is used as a data source to supplement the existing DWP IDV solution. In plain terms, DWP intend to ask a number of questions to enable customers to assure their identity. In the first instance the IDV solution will interrogate internal databases to assess whether sufficient biographical data exists to enable the generation of questions. If insufficient data exists the Contractor will be used as a data source.
THE REQUIREMENT. Rail Baltica wish to realise the potential benefits of a digital approach to design, construction and operation of the Rail Baltica Project by using Building Information Management (BIM) delivery