Time Period definition

Time Period means the Term and the twenty-four-month period next following the expiration of the Term.
Time Period means the interval of hours that distinguish day, evening, night, and weekend rate periods as indicated below:
Time Period or “days” means calendar days. All time periods specified in this rule, the application, the agreement and all correspondence to and from the Department refer to calendar days unless otherwise specified.

Examples of Time Period in a sentence

  • Maximum Time Period – The landlord may also set a maximum time-frame for how long guests may stay on the property.

  • In the event Licensee breaches this obligation or any other obligation as set forth in the Agreement (which Licensee agrees and acknowledges that such obligations are special and unique) and notwithstanding the payment of any required license fees, Distributor shall be entitled to equitable remedies (including, without limitations, injunctive relief) requiring Licensee to broadcast the Program within the Time Period Commitments indicated above.

  • Licensee shall have the option to change the Designated Time Period within the Time Period Commitment(s) set forth herein.

  • This penalty shall be paid on or before February 1 of the year following the expiration of the Qualifying Time Period and is subject to the delinquent penalty provisions of Section 33.01 of the TEXAS TAX CODE.

  • During the tenure of the Recipient with the Company and the Time Period stated in Section 3 the Recipient shall not: (Check All that Apply) ❏ - Business Practices - Provide the same or similar industry products, services, or engage in any other way representation of any other business of a similar nature to the business of the Company without written consent.

More Definitions of Time Period

Time Period means and include the period beginning as of the date of Executive’s employment with the Company and ending after the shorter of (A) the number of months after Executive ceases to be employed by the Company (for whatever reason, whether voluntarily or involuntarily) equal to the number of full months that Executive was actually employed by the Company under this Agreement; or (B) 12 months after Executive ceases to be employed by the Company (for whatever reason, whether voluntarily or involuntarily), provided, however, that if a court of competent jurisdiction determines that such 12-month period is unenforceable, then 6 months after Executive ceases to be employed by the Company (for whatever reason, whether voluntarily or involuntarily).
Time Period means the period commencing on the date hereof and ending 2 years after the termination of the employment of the Executive with the Company for any reason whatsoever.
Time Period. From: To: Dates: The City does hereby rent unto the RENTING PARTY, upon the terms and provision hereinafter set forth, the space indicated above. RENTING PARTY agrees to pay the CITY as rent for the use of said space the appropriate fees set forth herein in advance of occupancy. RENTING PARTY agrees to abide by the CITY’s regulations for said space. Upon termination of this Agreement, it agrees that it will immediately surrender and deliver up to the CITY said space in as good condition as it was prior to occupancy. RENTING PARTY shall assume the costs of any damages which may be occasioned to said space during the term of this AGREEMENT and save harmless the CITY from any and all claims which might occur as a result of said RENTING PARTY’S occupancy. I have read and agree to all of the CITY OF SPRINGFIELD RENTAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS POLICY (CITY HALL PLAZA, ESPLANADE, AND THE PUBLIC PARKING GARAGE) June 2022 Revision. Organization Representative: Date: For questions regarding use of these facilities contact the City Clerk’s Office at (000) 000-0000. RETURN COMPLETED FORM AND ALL FEES TO City Clerk’s Office 00 Xxxx Xxxx Xxxxxx Springfield, Ohio 45502 City Representative: Date: Make check payable to City of Springfield. perm/forms/plaza rental - Revised June 2022 payment-type code UZ
Time Period means a fraction, with a numerator of 4 and a denominator equal to the number of full fiscal quarters completed during the Performance Period.
Time Period means the Generation Period or Reporting Period specified in the Confirmation Letter.
Time Period means the total number of minutes in any calendar month.
Time Period means the period such as daily, weekly or monthly, as determined by the carrier, in which applications are grouped.