The Interest Rate Sample Clauses

The Interest Rate. You agree to pay interest on the Loan at the Interest Rate and on the terms provided in the Note. You agree that we are under no obligation to make any other advance to you under this Agreement, and that the decision to make any other advance shall be made by us in our sole and absolute discretion.
The Interest Rate as defined in Section 1.2 of the Agreement, shall be 9.5% calculated on a 365/366 day basis.
The Interest Rate. The Loan shall bear interest (the "Interest ----------------- --------- Rate") at a rate equal to the Company's then borrowing rate plus ---- .5% (currently 10.75%). Interest shall be calculated on the basis of a 365-day year for the actual days elapsed.
The Interest Rate. The applicable interest rate is 1.5% with a 30-year loan period, including a 5-year moratorium. The financial arrangement fees for contacts and the involvement of the persons indicated, the recurrent and associated expenses, the emoluments of the support offices and other applicable fees are 0.3% of the total amount of the loan. Any loan must be in line with the commitments of the Guinean Government, including the commitments made with the IMF on the concessionality of rates. 3.3 - The classic government guarantee The Classic Government Guarantee of the Republic of Guinea is the signature of the loan agreement by the Minister of Economy and Finance. It will be followed by the ratification by the National Assembly and the issuance of the Legal Opinion by the Constitutional Court. The confirmation of the Government Classic Guarantee will be sent by SWIFT to GRISSAG's Bank before funds are sent from Grissag's to the Central Bank for projects. A traditional government guarantee is a form of protection by the Republic of Guinea for investment, which is the subject of this agreement, with the signature of the competent authorities and ratified by the National Assembly. All receipts that could repay the above-mentioned total amount flowing from the projects that are the subject of this framework agreement must be guarantees in relation to the financing mobilized. They shall be valid until the expiry of the present Framework Agreement.
The Interest Rate as defined in section 1.7 of each Term Note shall be increased to eleven and one half (11.50%) percent.
The Interest Rate is calculated according to the actual days of use of the Credit determined by the Agreement,calculating 365 (three hundred sixty five) days per annum.
The Interest Rate one per cent above the bank of England base lending rate
The Interest Rate payable to the Landlord whether paid or not including the breakdown of the calculation of each category of interest referred to in Subparagraphs 4.07.04(e)(i) and 4.07.04(e)(ii);
The Interest Rate shall be charged to the amount utilized in the limits of the Overdraft and paid to cover the relevant amount in the amount established by the Agreement on the Credit;
The Interest Rate shall be increased to eleven and one half (11.50%) percent.