Return to Work Sample Clauses

Return to Work. (a) The parties recognize the duty of reasonable accommodation for individuals under the Human Rights Code of Ontario and agree that this Collective Agreement will be interpreted in such a way as to permit the Employer and the Union to discharge that duty. To that end, the Home and the Union agree to cooperate in complying with the Ontario Human Rights Code.
Return to Work can return to work on to carry out normal duties Employee’s Name (Date) Without restrictions OR With the following restriction(s) and duration (if applicable): Physician’s/Nurse Practitioner’s/Midwife’s signature:
Return to Work. On resuming employment an employee shall be reinstated to their previous or a comparable position and for the purposes of pay increments and benefits, referenced in (e) herein, and vacation entitlement (but not for public holidays or sick leave) maternity and parental leave shall be counted as service. Vacation pay shall be prorated in accordance with the duration of the leave and an employee may elect not to take that portion of vacation which is unpaid.
Return to Work. A Nurse on Pregnancy/Birth or Parental, or Adoption Leave must provide a minimum of four (4) weeks notice of his or her intended date to return to work, or such shorter period of notice as mutually agreed between the Employer and the Nurse. When a Regular Nurse reports for work upon the expiration of Pregnancy/Birth or Parental, or Adoption Leave, the Regular Nurse shall resume work in the position held by the Nurse immediately before the Leave began or where that position is eliminated, in a comparable position within the site. A Nurse shall be entitled to the appropriate level on the increment scale and benefits, with no loss of benefits accrued to the commencement of the leave.
Return to Work. (a) The employee acknowledges her obligations and the Employer acknowledges the Employer's obligations regarding an Early and Safe Return to Work programs as may be set out under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, and the Human Rights Code. The Union agrees that this Collective Agreement will be interpreted in such a way as to permit those obligations to be discharged.
Return to Work. Upon returning to work after entering an out-patient program or successfully completing an in-patient rehabilitation program, the employee will be subject to random testing for a period of one (1) year. If the employee tests positive for drugs/alcohol during this period they will be discharged.
Return to Work. A. When an employee is medically able to return to work after a serious health condition, he/she shall provide the Board with a statement from his/her health care provider that the employee is able to resume the job functions of his/her position.
Return to Work. 8.4.1 An employee who returns to work following a parental leave shall retain the seniority the employee had attained prior to the leave and shall accrue seniority for the period of leave.
Return to Work. 388. The City will make a good faith effort to return and reassign employees who have sustained an occupational injury or illness where the employee’s doctor certifies that the employee is temporarily unable to perform specified aspects of his or her regular job duties. Duties of this modified assignment may differ from the employee’s regular job duties and/or from job duties regularly assigned to employees in the injured employee’s class.
Return to Work. An employee who has been granted a temporary transfer and/or Pregnancy Disability Leave shall be reinstated to the same position, provided that the employee returns to work immediately upon termination of the Pregnancy Disability Leave and provided that the aggregate duration of all leaves granted for a given pregnancy does not exceed four (4) months. If the same job has been abolished or affected by layoff, the employee shall be reinstated to a similar job. If a similar position is not available, the employee shall be afforded the same considerations which would have been afforded had that employee been on pay status when the position was abolished or affected by layoff. The date of reinstatement is determined when the leave is granted.