Return to Work Sample Clauses

Return to Work. On resuming employment an employee shall be reinstated to their previous or a comparable position and for the purposes of pay increments and benefits, referenced in (e) herein, and vacation entitlement (but not for public holidays or sick leave) maternity and parental leave shall be counted as service. Vacation pay shall be prorated in accordance with the duration of the leave and an employee may elect not to take that portion of vacation which is unpaid.
Return to Work. A Nurse on pregnancy/birth or parental, or adoption leave must provide a minimum of four (4) weeks notice of his or her intended date to return to work, or such shorter period of notice as mutually agreed between the Employer and the Nurse. When a Regular Nurse reports for work upon the expiration of pregnancy/birth or parental, or adoption leave, the Regular Nurse shall resume work in the position held by the Nurse immediately before the leave began or where that position is eliminated, in a comparable position within the site. A Nurse shall be entitled to the appropriate level on the increment scale and benefits, with no loss of benefits accrued to the commencement of the leave.
Return to Work. If a Participant returns to employment, or service as a Director, with an Employer, after a Disability ceases, the Participant may elect to defer an Annual Deferral Amount for the Plan Year following his or her return to employment or service and for every Plan Year thereafter while a Participant in the Plan; provided such deferral elections are otherwise allowed and an Election Form is delivered to and accepted by the Committee for each such election in accordance with Section 3.3 above.
Return to Work. On resuming employment, an employee shall be reinstated in their previous or a comparable position and, for the purposes of pay increments and benefits referenced in e) herein, and vacation entitlement (but not for public holidays or sick leave), maternity and parental leave shall be counted as service.
Return to Work. To the extent required by applicable SpinCo policies, as in effect from time to time, and applicable Law, SpinCo shall, or shall cause its Subsidiaries to, employ any SpinCo LTD Employee at such time, if any, as such SpinCo LTD Employee is ready to return to active employment, and from and after such time, such employee shall no longer be deemed an employee of the Honeywell Group and shall be deemed a SpinCo Employee for purposes of this Agreement; provided that, if such SpinCo LTD Employee presents himself or herself for active employment and is not employed by a member of the SpinCo Group due to applicable SpinCo policies, and if such SpinCo LTD Employee’s employment is terminated by a member of the Honeywell Group within a reasonable time thereafter, SpinCo shall indemnify the Honeywell Group for all Liabilities incurred in connection with such termination.
Return to Work. For the purpose of this Section, an employee who responds to a summons to jury duty and who is not selected as a juror shall not be deemed to have performed jury duty and shall return to work as soon as possible.
Return to Work. Upon returning to work after entering an out-patient program or successfully completing an in-patient rehabilitation program, the employee will be subject to random testing for a period of one (1) year. If the employee tests positive for drugs/alcohol during this period they will be discharged.
Return to Work. – Prior to exhaustion of the approved leave, the employee shall notify the Employer when she/he is ready to return to work and furnish the Employer a medical certificate from her/his physician that she/he is physically able to perform the essential duties of her/his job. The Employer, at its cost, may require a separate medical examination to determine the fitness of an employee to perform the essential duties of his/her job prior to returning the employee to work.
Return to Work. An employee may be directed by a doctor to report to work following a disabling, on-the-job injury, the employee shall present a release from the attending physician. Failure to report to work will result in the forfeit of benefits. All light duty related restrictions must be defined by the employee’s physician and provided to the Chief for his consideration. Any disputes concerning a potential or actual light dutyassignment will be managed by the Human Resources Department. Once light duty has been approved by a doctor, the employee must accept the position or forfeit the rights and benefits granted under this section. Any questions concerning an employee's fitness to return to work may result in the employee being required to consult, at the City's expense, a physician of the City's choice. In administering the provisions of the policy, the City may exercise such safeguards as are deemed appropriate and necessary to protect the City's and the employee's interest including the requirement for a medical examination by the City designated physician. The employee may acquire a second opinion from a physician of their choosing, to be used as an appeal.
Return to Work. An employee who returns to work after being on the Short Term Disability Plan or the Long Term Disability Plan and who is able to satisfactorily carry out the duties of the position which was held immediately prior to the commencement of the disability, will be placed in the position the employee left or, if that is not possible, in one with the same job title, job family, phase and salary. An employee, whose position has been declared redundant will be provided with placement, bumping, and recall rights as per Article 12.1 provided thirty days’ notice has been given by the employee prior to returning to work.