Original Purchase Price definition

Original Purchase Price means the price paid by you for the motor vehicle or a maximum of 110% of the market value of the vehicle as defined by Glass's Guide Retail at time of purchase, whichever is the lesser (including all factory fitted accessories) and after any discount given, but does not include the cost of dealer fitted accessories, road fund licence, new vehicle registration fee, fuel, paintwork and/or upholstery protection kits, insurance premiums (including the premium for this policy), warranty premiums, any finance arrears and any such associated costs and any negative equity transferred from a previous finance agreement.
Original Purchase Price means, with respect to each Common Share, the purchase price paid to the Corporation for the Common Share;
Original Purchase Price means the actual sales price for affordable housing units developed under this Chapter calculated as follows: principal, interest, taxes, and insurance (PITI) on the unit shall not exceed thirty percent (30%) of the Grand County AMI for a household of four (4) divided by twelve (12) months. Assumptions used to calculate the OPP shall be i) a five (5) percent down payment; ii) a thirty (30) year mortgage term; and iii) a mortgage rate equal to the prevailing First Home rate, or its equivalent, of the Utah Housing Corporation (or similar agency).

Examples of Original Purchase Price in a sentence

  • Total Debt - Owners shall not incur debt, liens or other obligations secured by the restricted housing unit that exceed 95% of the Original Purchase Price of the unit and shall notify the Housing Department immediately when a change in the total of these secured obligations is anticipated.

  • This Back Up Plan applies in addition to any existing warranty included in the Original Purchase Price for Your Product or insurance applicable.

  • They should communicate this internally to the rest of the organization to make sure that the others understand these new technologies so that they are able to sell these technologies to current and potential customers.

  • The replacement product shall be equivalent in specifications of Your original product and the cost shall not exceed the Original Purchase Price You paid for Your Product.

  • The maximum amount payable by Us under this Back Up Plan will be the Original Purchase Price of Your Product (inclusive ofGST) per claim.

More Definitions of Original Purchase Price

Original Purchase Price means the consideration paid or required to be paid by the transferor; (i) to acquire the interest in real property, and (ii) for any capital improvements made or required to be made to such real property, including solely those costs which are customary, reasonable, and necessary, as determined under rules and regulations prescribed by the tax commission, incurred for the construction of such improvements. Original purchase price shall also include the amounts paid by the transferor for any customary, reasonable and necessary legal, engineering and architectural fees incurred to sell the property and those customary, reasonable and necessary expenses incurred to create ownership interests in property in cooperative or condominium form, as such fees and expenses are determined under rules and regulations prescribed by the tax commission."
Original Purchase Price means, with respect to the Series C Stock, $11.10 per share, subject, for all purposes other than Section A.7 hereof (which provisions shall be applied in accordance with their own terms), to Proportional Adjustment.
Original Purchase Price means $1,418.35 per Convertible Preferred Share.
Original Purchase Price means $1,208.67 per Series 6 Preferred Share.
Original Purchase Price means the per share purchase price for a share of Series A Preferred Stock of $1.00, or such other price set forth in the Purchase Agreement or other subscription agreements pursuant to which Series A Preferred Stock is sold.
Original Purchase Price means $1,000 per share of Series A Preferred Stock, as adjusted for any stock dividends, splits, combinations and similar events on the Series A Preferred Stock.
Original Purchase Price means the price at which a Collateral Debt Obligation has been purchased by the Issuer;