IN CONFIDENCE Sample Clauses

IN CONFIDENCE. If at any time the Commission shall issue any stop order suspending the effectiveness of the Shelf Registration Statement, or any state securities commission or other regulatory authority shall issue an order suspending the qualification or exemption from qualification of the Transfer Restricted Securities under state securities or Blue Sky laws, the Issuer shall use its best efforts to obtain the withdrawal or lifting of such order at the earliest possible time and will provide to the Purchasers and each Holder who is named in the Shelf Registration Statement prompt notice of the withdrawal of any such order.
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IN CONFIDENCE. DEFINITIONS In the Contract, the following expressions, where used, shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them:
IN CONFIDENCE. 4.2 The Supplier will carry out and be able to supply evidence of periodic quality checks (at least quarterly) to ensure the consistency of delivery of the Services, and the provision of management information as agreed.
IN CONFIDENCE. Supplier where BT in its sole discretion considers circumstances justify it, or otherwise, in any case:
IN CONFIDENCE. (a) notify BT immediately;
IN CONFIDENCE. (a) provide a functional SMTP e-mail account for the receipt of orders;
IN CONFIDENCE. (a) published except by a breach of the Contract; or
IN CONFIDENCE. Variation as agreed in writing by Supplier which agreement shall not be unreasonably withheld. No Variation required by BT shall render the Contract null and void.
IN CONFIDENCE. 27.13 The Supplier shall (and shall ensure Contract Personnel shall):
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