By December Sample Clauses

By December. 31, 2015, the Board will calculate the annual amount of a.i) divided by a.ii) which will form the base funding amount for the Trust;
By December. 1st (allocation date) of each year, Employees who are eligible for the FSA will make an allocation for utilization of their FSA for the subsequent calendar year.
By December. 1 the Xxxx shall provide to the candidate a letter of recommendation as to whether the candidate should be granted tenure or denied tenure, and this letter shall take into account the recommendation and report of the Faculty Review Committee as described in Article 20.04 e).
By December. 31 of the year containing the fifth anniversary of the Owner's death; or
By December. 1, a scatter gram will be presented to the President of the Association with the placement of personnel on the respective salary schedules.
By December. 31 the Xxxx shall assemble the following documentation for the Tenure and Promotion Committee:
By December. 31, 2017, 150 women of reproductive age (total unduplicated number) are projected to receive contraceptive and related reproductive health, and/or early intervention care through the agency’s family planning and reproductive health clinic services in Iron County (Counties).
By December. 1 up to four (4) days per diem;
By December. 1st (If this date falls on a day when the college is closed, the next college business day will be applicable) the affected faculty member will notify in writing the Vice President for Academic Services of his/her decision to participate in the recommended program.
By December. 1st, the District projects its overall enrollment for the following school year, reflecting both September and the March/April expectations for that year; said projections shall be shared with the Union.