Service Schedules definition

Service Schedules has the meaning set forth in Section 2.1.
Service Schedules mean the Service Schedules to the Services Agreement;
Service Schedules means Service Schedules 1-8 included at the end of this CenturyLink TS Services Section, that provide additional terms applicable to the Services that may be purchased under this CenturyLink TS Services Section.

Examples of Service Schedules in a sentence

  • For the avoidance of doubt DST agrees to amend the Service Schedules if necessitated by a change in applicable Law or a change to the Governing Documents of the Fund.

  • DST shall be under no duty or obligation to perform any service except as specifically listed in the Service Schedules, or take any other action except as specifically listed in a Service Schedules to this Agreement, or this Agreement, and no other duties or obligations, including, valuation related, fiduciary or analogous duties or obligations, shall be implied.

  • Fund requests to change the Services, will only be binding on DST when they are reflected in an amendment to the Service Schedules.

More Definitions of Service Schedules

Service Schedules has the meaning set forth in Section 2.1(a).
Service Schedules means the Amtrak’s schedules for the arrival and departure times of Amtrak rail trains, as displayed in the public timetables.
Service Schedules mean the Servitchee SerSviccehs Agreement;
Service Schedules means the Service-specific product terms located here that specifically describe the Services used by You under the Agreement, including without limitation, service descriptions, specific terms and conditions, service availability warranty and other terms. Each Service Schedule shall be deemed a part of and incorporated by reference into the Agreement.
Service Schedules means the applicable Cloud Services-specific terms and conditions specified in Service Schedule 1 for the McAfee Cloud Services located at xxxxx://, and Service Schedule 2 for the McAfee MVision Cloud Services located at xxxxx:// which are incorporated by reference herein, as amended from time to time.
Service Schedules has the meaning set forth in Section 2(b)(i).