The Proposal Sample Clauses

The Proposal. 2.3 The Parties agree that Consultant is responsible for clarifying any ambiguity, conflict, discrepancy, omission, or other error found in the RFQ prior to Consultant submitting its Qualifications or the right to clarify same shall be waived.
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The Proposal. If a party discovers a discrepancy within the documents, it must notify the other as soon as practicable, and the Employer’s Representative may resolve the discrepancy.
The Proposal. Under the Proposal, if the Scheme becomes effective, the Disinterested Shareholders will receive from the Offeror the Cancellation Consideration in cash for every Scheme Share cancelled and the WMVL Shareholders will receive, for each of their Scheme Shares cancelled, the WMVL Cancellation Consideration. Comparison of value The Cancellation Consideration Price of HK$6.30 in cash for every Scheme Share cancelled under the Scheme represents:
The Proposal. 1.1 The application comprises an outline application for the provision of up to 117 dwellings on land adjoining Hope All Saints Garden Centre, Ashford Road, New Romney. The proposal will also include areas of open space as well as the retention of 0.7 hectares of existing playing field serving the neighbouring St Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx of England (Controlled) Primary School.
The Proposal. Our clients are inviting offers for the Leasehold interest. We understand the Landlords (Torridge District Council) will offer a new 3 year lease upon completion at a rent of £2,150 per annum.
The Proposal. 34.4 The Parties agree that Concessionaire is responsible for clarifying any ambiguity, conflict, discrepancy, omission, or other error found in the RFP prior to Concessionaire submitting its Proposal or the right to clarify same shall be waived.
The Proposal. Isle of Wight Council will work with PUSH and support employment and skills activity across the LEP area. This will include continuing to : Provide liaison and support to existing Isle of Wight businesses about opportunities for their growth and skills development. Support the integration of IOW employment and skills communications into the Solent strategy and infrastructure. Provide leadership and co-ordination for the Isle of Wight on employment and skills, acting as a link between the ESB on the Island and the Solent Board.
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The Proposal. 5.02 Except as otherwise agreed by the parties, CONTRACTOR will supply all personnel, materials and equipment required to perform the Services. CONTRACTOR shall provide its own offices, telephones, vehicles and computers and set its own work hours. CONTRACTOR will determine the method, details, and means of performing the Services under this Agreement.
The Proposal. The Parties enter into this Agreement based on the proposal, which is hereby incorporated into and made pat1 of this Agreement, and attached as Attachment A (the "Proposal"). The Proposal reflects the vision of and relies on the leadership of Xx. Xxxx Xxxxxxx, who was selected by the University, according to its nonnal procedures, to be the director of PURC (the "PURC Director") and to lead the Initiative ("Initiative Director"). As stated in the Proposal and c<;msistent with the lnitiative Director's vision, the mission of the Initiative is to examine the business and regulatory implications of growing digital markets through rigorous and relevant research, public engagement, and student mentorship (collectively, the "Initiative's Mission").
The Proposal. In the sequel, we will consider a group of n participants who wish to establish a broadcast channel. −→ { } – Setup: The same as BM.Setup, except that an identity-based signature scheme and a crypto- graphic hash function H3 : G2 0, 1 ς are chosen, where ς is the bit-length of plaintexts. – Extract: The same as BM.Extract. U – Agreement: A protocol participant i, whose identity is IDi and private key is si, performs the following steps:
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