Human Resources Sample Clauses

Human Resources. (i) Advice and assistance in relation to the staffing of Party B, including assistance in the recruitment, employment and secondment of management personnel, administrative personnel and staff of Party B;
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Human Resources. A. The School shall select its own personnel.
Human Resources. 21.7.1 The Concessionaire shall procure and ensure that all Human Resources engaged in the provision of Healthcare Services are suitably qualified and receive sufficient training and instructions in accordance with Good Industry Practice and standards of their relevant professional body, if any, for execution of their duties, which shall at a minimum be compliant with the performance standards set out at Clause 5.10.2.
Human Resources. (a) shall keep a record of all sick leave and accumulated credits and
Human Resources. The Manager shall develop a human resources policy for the Company, and, subject to supervision and approval by the Board, the Manager shall be responsible to ensure that such policy is implemented by the Company in accordance with its terms.
Human Resources. The Human Resources sector renders to the Parties the service consisting in Human Resources Administration; Human Resources Management; Safety, Hygiene and Environment at the workplace, Organizational
Human Resources. The Human Resources sector renders to THE PARTIES the service consisting in Human Resources Administration and Management. Human Resources Administration spans payroll calculation activities, personnel administration, solidarity issues, benefits and labor relationships. Human Resources Management includes personnel recruitment, selection, training, job rotation and related activities.
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Human Resources a. You must provide sufficient staff to meet the health and personal care needs of all Residents, at all times.
Human Resources. Advice and assistance in management of the Company’s 401(k) plan and other employee benefit plans, Company employee and management recruitment, performance evaluation and establishment of salary, bonus and other compensation scales and executive and staff employee structure.
Human Resources. C-1 Staffing Patterns 14 C-2 Staff Recruitment and Selection 14 C-3 Staff Qualifications 14 C-4 College Credit 14 C-5 Lead Teacher Role 15 C-6 Lead Teacher Qualifications 15 C-7 Assistant Teacher Role 15 C-8 Assistant Teacher Qualifications 15 C-9 Family Support Staff Role 16 C-10 Family Support Staff Qualifications 16 C-11 Health Advocate Role 16 C-12 Health Advocate Qualifications 16 C-13 Health Consultant Role 16 C-14 Health Consultant Qualifications 16 C-15 Nutrition Consultant 17 C-16 Nutrition Consultant Qualifications 17 C-17 Mental Health Consultant Role 17 C-18 Mental Health Consultant Qualifications 17 C-19 Staff Training Program 17 C-20 Required Training 18 C-21 Volunteer Training and Background Check 18 SECTION D: HEALTH, SAFETY, AND NUTRITION 19 D-1 Health and Safety Planning 19 D-2 Health Coordination Services for Families 19 D-3 Health and Safety Policies and Procedures 19 D-4 Parent Consent Forms 20 D-5 Health Records 20 D-6 Parent Notifications 20 D-7 Health Screening 20 D-8 Dental Screening 21 D-9 Medical Examinations 21 D-10 Immunizations 21 D-11 Medications 21 D-12 First Aid Kit 21 D-13 Infectious Disease Prevention 22 D-14 Food Sanitation 22 D-15 Meals and Snacks 22 D-16 Square Footage 23 D-17 New Facilities 23 D-18 Safe Facilities 23 D-19 Safe Equipment and Materials 23 D-20 Playground Safety 23 D-21 Transportation 24 SECTION E: EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION 25 E-1 Early Childhood Education Service Delivery 25 E-2 Environment (Indoors and Outdoors) 25 E-3 Daily Routine 26 E-4 Curriculum – Developmentally Appropriate and Culturally Relevant 26 E-5 Curriculum Planning 26 E-6 Kindergarten Transition 27 E-7 Adult-Child Interactions 27 E-8 Child Guidance 27 E-9 No Expulsion 28 E-10 Screening and Referrals 28 E-11 Observation, Assessment, and Individualization 29 E-12 Parent-Teacher Conferences 29 SECTION F: FAMILY PARTNERSHIPS 30 F-1 Family Support Services 30 F-2 Family Support Principles 30 F-3 Confidentiality 30 F-4 Resources and Referrals 30 F-5 Parent Involvement 30 F-6 Parent Education 31 F-7 Parent Leadership Development 31 SECTION G: DOCUMENTATION 32 G-1 Documentation Requirements 32 G-2 Administrative Documents 32 G-3 Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment, and Attendance Documents 32 G-4 Human Resource Documents 33 G-5 Health and Safety Documents 33 G-6 Early Childhood Education Documents 34 G-7 Child Records 34 G-8 Family Partnership Documents 34 G-9 Family Records 34 G-10 Required Postings 34 INTRODUCTION TO THE 2014-15 EC...
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