Annual Salary definition

Annual Salary means the salary given under this Part.
Annual Salary means the Executive’s annual base salary then in effect or, if higher, in effect at the time of the Change in Control, excluding reimbursements and amounts attributable to stock options and other non-cash compensation; and the “Severance Compensation” shall mean the compensation set forth in (i), (ii), and (iv) above.
Annual Salary means the annual salary of the Executive established by the HRCC and payable by the Corporation or its affiliates, determined as at the end of the month immediately preceding the month in which the termination of employment occurs and if at the relevant time an annual salary level has not been established, it shall be calculated by multiplying by 12 the monthly salary of the Executive in effect for the month preceding the month in which a termination of employment occurs pursuant to Article 2;

Examples of Annual Salary in a sentence

  • Annual Salary does not include extra pay, annuity contributions, commissions, bonuses, overtime pay or any other extra compensation.

  • Here are the offers she has received: Job Offer Annual Salary Job in New York City $80,000 Job in Chicago $50,000 Job in San Francisco $120,000 Job in Miami $75,000 From her economics class Sheila knows she should measure this purchasing power using a constant rather than a current dollar: so she has gone to the web and found government provided data on the cost of living in each of these cities.

  • TIDA shall maintain a record of in-kind donations and report all in-kind donations to the Board of Supervisors annually per Section| Budget and Appropriation Ordinance (AAO) & Annual Salary Ordinance (ASO).

  • This percentage figure is then utilized in determining the Annual Salary Report.

  • The maximum incentive may not in any case exceed 1.33 times the incentive payable upon achievement of targets.Fixed component Gross Annual Salary (RAL)+Emolument The fixed component usually does not exceed 40% of Total Direct Compensation TargetBenefits In addition to the provisions of the National Collective Labour Contract for industrial executives, the benefits package also includes medical insurance and supplementary pension schemes.

More Definitions of Annual Salary

Annual Salary shall have the meaning specified in Section 1.2(a).
Annual Salary means Executive’s salary at the greater of (i) Executive’s annualized base salary (including Executive’s monthly car allowance) in effect on the date of the Change in Control, or (ii) Executive’s annualized base salary in effect on Executive’s Employment Termination.
Annual Salary means the sum of:
Annual Salary shall, as determined on the Termination Date, be equal to the greater of:
Annual Salary shall be the stated base cash compensation defined in Section 5(a) without regard to any elective deferral or salary reduction plan or program of the Company.