The Netherlands Sample Clauses

The Netherlands. 6.2 The third party referred to above may invoke the Dutch Forwarding Conditions (with the inclusion of the Arbitration Clause).
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The Netherlands. Each Dealer represents and agrees, and each further Dealer appointed under the Programme will be required to represent and agree, that any Covered Bonds will only be offered in the Netherlands to qualified investors (as defined in the Prospectus Regulation), unless such offer is made in accordance with the Dutch Financial Supervision Act (Wet op het financieel toezicht).
The Netherlands. No Guarantor incorporated under the laws of The Netherlands or any Guarantor which is a direct or indirect Subsidiary of a company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands shall have any liability pursuant to this Article VII to the extent that the same would constitute unlawful financial assistance within the meaning of Article 2:98(c) of the Dutch Civil Code.
The Netherlands where applicable The parties declare to have agreed as follows: The Principal authorises and places orders with the Freight Forwarding Company, in conformity with Article 18, and further, of the Union Customs Code (Regulation no. 952/2013/EU), against the agreed remuneration, to make the declarations prescribed in the customs legislation -and where possible in other legislation- ‘in the name and for the account of’ the Principal. This authorisation and the order apply to the shipment of goods presented by/on behalf of the Principal, for which the Principal has provided the Freight Forwarding Company with the records/information. This authorisation and the order comprise all acts and communications up to and including the completion of the verification of the declaration and those in connection with the issue of the communication of the amount of the customs debt. Furthermore, the Principal authorises and commissions the Freight Forwarding Company to: - submit requests for repayment/remission as well as to submit written objections relating to data incorrectly stated in the declaration compared to the information supplied when the order was placed; - to proceed, at the request of the Principal, to submit request for repayment/remission as well as to submit written objections, because incorrect information was supplied when the order was placed; - to submit written objections in relation to corrections up to the completion of the verification of the declaration. Separate, case-by-case agreements are required for making/submitting other requestst, written objections and lodging appeals. In connection with the authorisation, the Principal is obliged to hand over to the Freight Forwarding Company proof of the existence of the company, its current place of business and names of the person(s) authorised to lawfully represent the company, such as a recent excerpt of the company’s entry into the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce or a statement by the company to serve as evidence of the authority of the person issuing the authorisation. If the Principal is a private individual, that person must hand over a copy of his passport/identity card.
The Netherlands. Shareholders’ Agreement, dated 6th July, 1995, among The Municipality of Amsterdam, A2000 Holding N.V. and Kabeltelevisie Amsterdam B.V. (in English).
The Netherlands. Each Dealer represents and agrees that any Covered Bonds will only be offered in the Netherlands to qualified investors (as defined in the Prospectus Regulation).
The Netherlands any Obligor, any Material Subsidiary or member of the UGCE Borrower Group organised in The Netherlands is declared bankrupt (in staat van faillissement verklaard) or enters into a preliminary or definitive moratorium (in voorlopige of definitieve surseance van betaling gaan) pursuant to the Dutch Bankruptcy Act (Faillissementswet); or
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The Netherlands. Notifications Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Information The Participant should be aware of the Dutch insider-trading rules, which may impact the sale of Shares acquired at vesting and settlement of the Restricted Share Units. In particular, the Participant may be prohibited from effectuating certain transactions if the Participant has inside information about the Company. Under Article 5:56 of the Dutch Financial Supervision Act, anyone who has “inside information” related to an issuing company is prohibited from effectuating a transaction in securities in or from the Netherlands. “Inside information” is defined as knowledge of specific information directly or indirectly relating to the issuing company or concerning the trade in securities issued by such company, which has not been made public and of which a public disclosure could have a significant effect on the share price or its financial derivatives. The insider could be any employee of the Company or a Subsidiary in the Netherlands who has inside information as described herein. If the Participant is uncertain whether the insider-trading rules apply to him, the Participant should consult the Company’s insider-trading policy and his personal legal advisor.
The Netherlands. Yours sincerely, Xxxxxx Sariredjo ( ) Intersil Corp. The Netherlands ( ) Xxxxxxxxxxxxx 0x, 0000 XX Xxxxxxxxx, Xxx Xxxxxxxxxxx Phone: + Fax: + ING Bank: Swift code: XXXXXX0X VAT / BRW: NL8039.66.659.B.01
The Netherlands. Terms and Conditions There are no country-specific provisions. Notifications
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