Not Permitted Sample Clauses

Not Permitted. ( ) The Employer shall have the discretion to contribute Qualified Nonelective Contributions for any Plan Year in an amount to be determined each year by the Employer. Qualified Nonelective Contributions will be made on behalf of (select as appropriate):
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Not Permitted. Employees may not make any Xxxx Catch-Up Contributions to the Plan.
Not Permitted. In-service distributions of Rollover Contributions and Employee (after-tax) Contributions are not permitted.
Not Permitted. Does not permit Wraparound Elections (or the Employer does not maintain a 401(k) plan covering any Participants).
Not Permitted. May not make any Catch-Up Deferrals to the Plan. 22. MATCHING CONTRIBUTIONS (EXCLUDING SAFE HARBOR MATCH AND ADDITIONAL MATCH UNDER SECTION 3.05) (3.03(A)). The Matching Contributions under Election 6(c) are subject to the following additional elections regarding type (discretionary/fixed), rate/amount, limitations and time period (collectively, such elections are “the matching formula”) and the allocation of Matching Contributions is subject to Section 3.06 except as otherwise provided. (Choose one or more of (a) through (h); then, for the elected Matching Contribution, complete (1), (2) and/or (3) as applicable. If the Employer completes (2) or (3), also complete (4), (5) or (6)): [Note: If the Employer wishes to make any Matching Contributions that satisfy the ACP safe harbor, the Employer should make those elections under Election 24, and not under this Election 22.] (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) Match Limit on Limit on Match Apply limit(s) Apply Apply limit(s) Rate/Amt Deferrals Amount [$/% per Plan Year limit(s) per per designated [%/$ of Matched [$/% of of [“true-up”] payroll time period Elective Compensation] Compensation] period [no [no “true-up”] Deferrals] “true-up”]
Not Permitted. May not make Hardship Withdrawals.
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Not Permitted. Authorized Users at the Purchaser's institution may not
Not Permitted. Authorized Users at the Subscriber's institution may not 1. disseminate content from The Complete Prose of X. X. Xxxxx outside the campus or institution by any means, except as noted above
Not Permitted. The AiPPC may not approve and no Work of Art shall: (a) contain language, representations, depictions, or images that discriminate on any prohibited grounds of discrimination as may be set forth in federal, state, local, or City laws or regulations; (b) fail to conform with the details, instructions and guidelines set forth in this Application, the City Code and any AiPPC adopted guidelines; (c) contain inaccurate or deceptive claims or statements;
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