Not Permitted Sample Clauses

Not Permitted. Authorized Users at the Subscriber's institution may not 1. disseminate content from The Complete Prose of X. X. Xxxxx outside the campus or institution by any means, except as noted above
Not Permitted. May not make Hardship Withdrawals.
Not Permitted. May not borrow from the Plan.
Not Permitted. Tenant hereby agrees that it will pay or cause to be -------------- paid all costs for work done by it or caused to be done by it on the Premises. Tenant shall not permit any mechanics', laborers', materialmen's or similar liens on account of work done by Tenant or persons claiming under it to be filed against the Property, nor against Tenant's leasehold interest in the Premises. If Tenant shall desire to contest any claim of lien, it shall furnish Landlord adequate security of the value or in the amount of the claim, plus estimated costs and interest, or a bond of a responsible corporate surety in such amount as is necessary to release the lien; provided, however, if a final judgment establishing the validity or existence of a lien for any amount is entered, Tenant shall pay and satisfy it.