Contract Documents Sample Clauses

Contract Documents. All contract documents are intended to be consistent with each other. In case of discrepancy, the following is the order of precedence:
Contract Documents. This Contract consists of these Terms and Conditions and the documents ("Exhibits") listed below in descending order of precedence. A conflict in these documents shall be resolved in the priority listed below with these Terms and Conditions taking precedence over all other documents. The Exhibits to this Contract include the following documents: Exhibit A Payment Terms and Pricing Exhibit B: Statement of Work
Contract Documents. 7.1 The Contract Documents which comprise the entire agreement between OWNER and CONTRACTOR concerning the Work consist of the following.
Contract Documents. The contract documents shall consist of the following:
Contract Documents. 2.1 The Contract Documents consist of:
Contract Documents. Subject to the order of precedence set forth in the Contract Agreement, all documents forming the Contract (and all parts thereof) are intended to be correlative, complementary, and mutually explanatory. The Contract Agreement shall be read as a whole. The documents forming the Contract shall be interpreted in the following order of priority:
Contract Documents. 9.1. Bidders may obtain a copy of the Contract Documents, or a portion thereof, by complying with the conditions set forth in the Advertisement for Bids. If required, the fee for the Contract Documents must be in the form of a money order or a certified check, made payable to the order of the City of New York, and drawn upon a state or national bank or trust company, or a check of such bank or trust company signed by a duly authorized officer thereof.
Contract Documents. The Contract Documents consist of: This Agreement and all exhibits and attachments listed, contained or referenced in this Agreement; The Uniform General Conditions for The University of Texas System Building Construction Contracts (UTUGC), applicable version identified, above; Special Conditions and Owner’s Specifications; All Addenda issued before the Effective Date of this Agreement; All Alternate Bid Proposals accepted by the Owner before the Effective Date of this Agreement; All Change Orders issued after the Effective Date of this Agreement; The Drawings, Specifications, details and other documents developed by Project Architect to describe the Project and accepted by Owner; The Drawings and Specifications developed or prepared by Owner’s other consultants, if any, and accepted by the Owner; and The HUB Subcontracting plan submitted by the Contractor in response to the Request for Proposals issued by the Owner for this Project. Contractor’s Proposal if incorporated into the Project. To the extent of any conflict between Contractor’s Proposal and any other Contract Document, the Contact Document shall govern. The Contract Documents form the entire and integrated Contract between Owner and Contractor and supersede all prior negotiations, representations or agreements, written or oral.
Contract Documents. The Contract Documents consist of the following documents which are either attached to this Agreement or are incorporated herein by reference and made a part hereof: