Term Disability Plan Sample Clauses

Term Disability Plan. Effective April 1, 2013: The parties agree that long-term health of injured and disabled workers benefits from timely and proactive measures that meet their medical restrictions to keep them working, or results in their early return to work from LTD. To that end, the parties agree that: During the LTD qualifying period, and where employees cannot be accommodated in their own occupation, they may be accommodated into an available comparable position as defined in this section exclusively, where the regularly scheduled hours of work differ by no more than 20% from the regularly scheduled hours of the employee's current position and the hourly wage rate differs by no more than 5% from the hourly wage rate of the employee's current position. However, in the event the employee is unable to continue working in his/her accommodated position, due to the same or related medical condition, the pre-disability position will continue to be applicable for the purpose of adjudication and calculation of any claim for LTD. During the first 19 months of LTD benefits, employees may be accommodated into an available position that is not less than 75% of their pre-disability earnings. However, in the event an employee is unable to continue working in their accommodated position during the 19 month period of benefit entitlement, due to the same or related medical condition, the pre-disability position will continue to be applicable for the purposes of the adjudication and calculation of any claim for LTD during that 19 month period.
Term Disability Plan. For Employees not participating in the Long Term Disability Plan, the Employer has the right to terminate any Employee unable to return to work. The Employer agrees to hold the Employee's position, or a similar position in duties and salary, for a period of up to two years. After two years on Long-Term Disability, if medical opinion indicated that the Employee is permanently disabled, the Employee may be terminated. If, in the opinion of the physician(s) the Employee is not permanently disabled, the Employer may grant a leave of absence for a specific period of time.
Term Disability Plan. Eligibility As a regular full-time permanent Unionized hourly Niagara Falls employee, you are eligible for coverage under the Short-Term Disability Plan upon completion of your probationary period, providing you show disability due to a non-occupational accident or sickness which, in the Company’s judgement, prevents you from performing normal work assignments. You must be actively at work to be eligible for benefits. If you become disabled while on a leave of absence or vacation or on lay-off, or while on strike, suspension from work or otherwise not actively employed, your eligibility will begin on the first day on which you would have returned to work had you not been disabled, and absence on this day will be deemed your first day of absence for benefits purposes. The Company agrees to provide an Annual meeting with the benefit carrier.
Term Disability Plan. A long term plan i s hereby established for every to this by-law applies, and, subject to the control of the conduct and management of such be vested in the Director of Human Resources for The Corporation of the C i t y of Page By-law
Term Disability Plan. This disability benefit is an extension of the Short Term Disability Plan only. It becomes effective from the 15th calendar days) of commencement of short term disability and provides of an employee's salary at time of commencement of disability up to a maximum of per month until the employee returns to work, reaches retirement, or is deceased, whichever first occurs. Payment not automatic and requires the employee to show proof of continuing disability. Application must be made one month prior to cessation of Short Term Disability. The monthly premium cost of this plan fully paid for by the employee. See details Group Insurance booklet.
Term Disability Plan. The full premium cost of the plan shall be paid by the employee. The City will pay to each employee a monthly cash sum equivalent to the monthly premium. Any long term disability claimant of twenty-four (24) months or more who is eligible for paid insurance benefits, as outlined in and a City pension of at least sixty percent (60%) that is not actuarially reduced, ceases to be eligible for benefits. Group Term Life Insurance The City shall pay the entire premium cost of the Plan. Dental Insurance Plan The City shall pay the entire premium cost of the Dental Insurance Plan.
Term Disability Plan. Ninety (90) days after instruction from the Union to commence the Plan, employees shall be covered by a Long Term Disability Plan which will provide two-thirds salary continuation after six (6) consecutive months of disability until age The cost of the Plan will be borne entirely by the employee. Eligible employees, upon completion of a three (3) month waiting period, shall become members of the Long Term Disability Plan, as a condition of employment. Cost Sharing The cost of providing group plan benefits shall be borne sixty-five percent (65%) by the Employer and thirty-five percent (35%) by the employee. Costs of providing the Long Term Disability Plan shall be borne entirely by the employee. Analysis of Tenders The Union President or designate will be advised of the analysis of tenders solicited by the Employer for placing or reviewing the benefits under Section and Same Sex Benefit Coverage Effective November an employee who is legally married to a same sex spouse or who with a person of the same sex and promotes such person as a “spouse” (partner), will be eligible to have the person covered as a spouse for purposes of Medical, Extended Health, and Dental benefits.
Term Disability Plan. The Long-Term Disability plan pays seventy (70%)percent of an employee's gross monthly salary if they are incapable of performing their normal work because of illness etc.,after a sev- enteen week (1 calendar days) waiting period or when the employee'ssick leave credits are exhausted,whichever is the greater.